Friday, August 23, 2013

Progress Report 8/23/13 - August Among Us.

Dear neglected blog,

It has been some time since my last entry. In the meantime I have painted a miniature for commission, finished my Orc Blood Bowl team, worked on terrain and a tabletop for my new gaming table setup, and spent time painting my entry in the Chaos Cup Legacy Team. Oh and I also went undefeated in the regular KUBBL season and hope to win the upcoming playoffs and final. 

Pictures! They speak a bunch of words or so I am told.

New 4' x 4' table with a quick-fix top. May do a fancier one in the future.
Texture and terrain on the boards. These are painted now.
A commission for this small Gnome Sorcerer.
First time painting pink and this much purple.
Orc blitzers! Rar!!
Dems da Black Orc boyz!
Lineorcs, Troll, and Thrower! No gobbo yet.
Chaos Cup Dark Elf Witch entry wip front.
Chaos Cup Dark Elf Witch entry wip back.
Still itching to paint more of my Necro gang and have had random hankerings to get my WHFB back out and freshened up. We'll see how the next few months treat me. Busy times!

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