Saturday, August 7, 2010

Progress report - nothing doing 8/7/10.

Why hello there neglected blog and neglected blog readers!

Summer still has me stewing in a variety of work and personal activities, none of which relate directly to my tabletop hobbies. I do have a strong desire to paint and work on the construction of my WoC army, and I just added a sixth Ogre to my BB team, so there is a good possibility of more interesting updates to come soon.

In short here is a quick progress report for the past few weeks:
  • Played several games of 8th edition with my Ogre Kingdoms and won every one of them. While my current playing field has limited variety (only Empire, Skaven, Warriors of Chaos, and Bretonnians at the moment) the lists are still pretty damn hard. Still working out what my "normal" 2,500 list would be but currently we play a lot of 1,000 and 2,000 point games so it hasn't been as important.
  • Played a few games of 8th edition with my Vampire Counts and lost about half of them. I find it much harder to keep my general alive with the increased amount of attacks coming at him and/or the severe miscast penalties when rolling double 6's. Had a lot of fun but not as many wins as I have had with my Ogres. One thing I have learned is the Black Coach and Grave Guard are both much better in 8th edition.
  • Lost my first game in the KUBBL I Squiqbowl with the Bultimore Bullies. Managed to get enough in my treasury to hire my sixth and final Ogre but the game was just yet another loss for my disheartening Ogre team. I find myself piling on the ball and knocking people down only to have it somehow squeeze past me to some random receiver near my end zone. This has happened in almost every match so I am not sure how to deal with it? Snotlings can't manage to keep anyone in place with their S1 and Titchyness. Leaving an Ogre in the backfield extremely hampers my offensive line and doesn't guarantee they will be where they are needed when they are needed (with their crappy agility and movement). Perhaps next season will be better?
That about covers my gaming and hobby time for the past few weeks. Additionally I have been fretting over the very empty Bellower layout for issue #3. I have a few things to slap together but I am very much on my own for content and help putting the finishing touches on the next issue. Our team really needs some new blood so if you have a creative hankering and love the Ogre Kingdoms please get in touch with me. There is plenty of stuff to write/illustrate/diagram/model/photograph so creative folks of all types are welcome!

Until next time ... have a beer review!

Stone Brewing Company - Stone Thirteenth Anniversary Ale

Beer Type: American Strong Ale

Appearance: 22 oz. brown bottle with a number 13 and a classic Stone devil inked on the glass. Poured a dark red/black/brown color with a thick off-white head with lots of lace.

Smell: Dark sweet breads, pine hops, and more sweet stuff. This smells damn fine.

First Drink: Huge rush of hops quickly followed up by the sweet "brown" flavors of roasted malt.

Mouthfeel: This is a beer with the capital "B". Thick bodied with just the right carbonation and a really nice smoothness after the first sip.

Last Drink: More citrus and banana flavors coming though now. I can taste the 9.5% ABV as well.

Drinkability: Really good but not a session brew - unlikely to happen anyway as this is a special edition beer and I have only seen the one bottle of it.

Notes: Man. This is a really good beer and its a far cry from the now typical style I have come to expect from Stone. If this is what I have to look forward to I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Verdict: 4.75 out of 5. Well crafted, full flavored, and it left a lasting impression. Here's to another 13 years of Stone brews!

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