Friday, October 2, 2009

Games Day UK 2009 - Golden Daemon Winners.

Games Workshop has added pictures of the Golden Daemon winners from the UK Games Day 2009 to their website. Who won you ask? This awesome Warhammer Empire Engineer from Ben Jarvis!

You can see the rest of the winners here.

For those too lazy to check out the Games Workshop site I have included a few of the "blog pertinent" models as well. Here is a cool Ogre Kingdoms Butcher from Charles Kirkpatrick.

And from the "Duel" category there is this really cool Giant fight from Nigel Carmen!

And for the legal minded folks out there - all of these images are © Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved. I have used these without permission. Don't sue me!

Seeing these latest GD winners has inspired to me work on my own models. Perhaps this weekend will be one filled with painting (in addition to some homebrew bottling).

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