Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Animosity IV Campaign begins 10/31 - The Great Migration needs you!

Sign-ups for the Animosity IV Warhammer Fantasy campaign have begun, and this time around they have included an Ogre Kingdoms faction (among others). Taking part seems pretty easy, and it's a great excuse to play more games of Warhammer!

The campaign begins on the 31st of October 2009, so head over to now and get registered! Here are a few links to get you started:
If you are interested in joining the Great Migration you will want to check out these links as well:

"As a player in The Great Migration you will take the part of a Tyrant, Hunter or Butcher in the service of Grazok Beastslayer as the mighty hunter leads your tribes into the land of Cathay. You are backed into a corner and your goal is simple. Cathay has food where you do not and you must take it for yourself. Grazok is not stupid however. An all out assault on the Cathayan army would be dangerous and he trusts you and your fellows to help him guide the tribe to a safer path. So your task is one a true Ogre will grasp quite easily. You must feed your tribe!

The Great Migration is an essentially neutral faction, and therein lies your advantage. While Ogres are quite rightly the largest and most feared humanoids in Cathay, they are not complete strangers. Ogre bodyguards have been employed within the Empire for centuries, so most people are well used to seeing hulking Maneaters walking along side the carriages of the more affluent members of Cathayan society.

It will be down to you as players to decide which way the Tribes you lead will go. You could approach the Figureheads and offer your might for hire, hoping to gain food for your whelps through this exchange. Many Figureheads would gladly use Ogre strength to further their own goals, yet you must decide carefully which ones will follow through on their promise of rewards and whether being led around by the nose suits your disposition. Alternatively you could choose a more independent path, and taking advantage of the weakened Empire take what you want when you want using your great strength to eat the very heart of Cathay. The choice is yours.

Finally, it may be worth pondering Grazok's own question to you when he gathered the tribes. Is it possible to escape the constant hunger of the Maw? Only Cathay holds the answer. Use your cunning as a Hunter, but don’t be afraid to unleash that inner Tyrant if it means securing a hot lunch! Pray to the Great Maw as you see fit and may it grant you a plentiful bounty!"
I've already signed up for the campaign and I am looking forward to playing some games for the Great Migration. It's not too late to get involved! Sign up now!

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