Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vampire Counts test models - now with crappy yellow pics!

What do you think of these test models for my new Vampire Counts army? The first is my Black Knight conversion from a kitbash of Grave Guard and Skeleton Warrior bits with Tomb King Skeleton horses.

This second conversion is Grave Guard bits on Lord of the Rings Army of the Dead models and will be used for my Cairn Wraiths - this one is a Banshee.

Thoughts? Comments? Loves? Hates?


John said...

Really like the Cairn Wraith conversion such a great idea, how does the slightly smaller scale of the LoTR figures influence your conversion?

As for the Black Knights they are looking good I did the same thing a few weeks back

Randroid said...

Actually the LoTR models ended up looking larger in scale when compared to a Skeleton or Zombie. I think it works okay since they will be moving in a loose formation and not a unit.

I really like the Manfred you have on that page, the armor looks excellent.