Monday, May 4, 2009

Capital City Carnage recap.

Well it was a long and exhausting weekend of Warhammer but I made it out alive. I don't have the energy for a long play by play battle report and most of the battles were not interesting enough for that anyway. I do remember a few high and low points though.

Before I get into the bullet point lists here is a picture of the partly painted Beer Gut Tribe on the table at the event.

I am pretty happy with how most of my painting turned out. I still don't think I will ever be able to paint things to the standard I am looking for, but with only a few months of practice I have come a long way. I will get better individual model pictures up here as I complete each model. For this event I was only able to get the base coats and a wash on so I still need to do some touch ups and finish the bases.

Enough about my cruddy painting skills ... on to the games!

Saturday - Game 1 vs. High Elves
  • Objective was to capture and hold a bridge
  • The High Elf list was fairly easy going with minimal magic and no Star Dragon
  • Siegebreaker Butcher miscast on Turn 2 - rolling a 1 and blowing up in the big Bull unit
  • He took 2 Bulls with him and the other Butcher as well (removing the buffs I had cast with irresistible force on all my Ogre units)
  • Scraplauncher guesses were spot on but bad scatters of 8" kept me from landing the killing blow
  • Game ended before time but I had managed to kill half of his forces without any magic defense (including his Lord)
  • Game was a Draw (mostly due to the miscast and the loss of the Slavegiant to repeating bolt throwers)

Saturday - Game 2 vs. Empire
  • Objective was to capture and hold 4 secret table segments (out of 6 possible)
  • Empire list was hard but not impossible with 2 Great Cannons, a Hellblaster, 2 large units of State Troops, a large unit of Flagellants, and 2 large units of Knights (one being Inner Circle with a Lord)
  • Great Cannons deployed on both flanks covering the entire board with the Hellblaster in the middle
  • One cannon was deployed in a forest edge giving my Trappers the ability to place behind them outside of the woods
  • That same cannon got off one shot which was a direct hit on my Slavegiant's head, dealing 6 wounds and killing him outright
  • The Trappers charged the cannon and kept it from shooting any more while the other two warmachines misfired and sat useless for a turn
  • Scraplauncher dropped sharp and point death on the State Troops killing 15 out of 30 in one shot
  • Inner Circle Knight unit charged the Bull deathstar and was promptly destroyed and cut down
  • Game ended in a massacre for the Beer Gut Tribe with only 5 flagellant models still on the board

Saturday - Game 3 vs. Warriors of Chaos
  • Objective was to kill an enemy musician nominated at the start of the game (a battle of the bands)
  • WoC list with one unit of Knights, two units of Warriors, Marauders, Hounds, Juggernaut Lord, Exalted Hero on disc, and Dragon Ogres
  • Scraplauncher rained pointy death on the Warrior blocks
  • Trappers deployed near a hill and threw sharp stuff at the Dragon Ogres dealing two wounds
  • Knight unit moved up a flank to kill the Scraplauncher
  • Scraplauncher charged the Knights, killing three with impact hits, two more falling to the Rhinox, and the last Knight dying to a SCRAPPER - MOMENT OF THE TOURNEY
  • Bull deathstar charged into one unit of Warriors and killed all but two of them on the charge
  • Game ended as a Draw due to time but I probably could have won given another turn

Sunday - Game 4 vs. Beasts of Chaos
  • Objective was to take all of the taverns on the street (BEER)
  • BoC list was hard! 8 chariots with rerollable panic checks, maxed out magic with 13 power dice, 8 dispel dice, two large beast herds, unit of minotaurs, 4 units of Hounds, 2 units of cav.
  • Scraplauncher misfired and ran to the edge of the board (narrowly missing a block of trees and two units of Ironguts)
  • Flanks were rolled up by Ironguts while the Bull deathstar was stuck on the street facing down three chariots
  • Beastlord charged a unit of Leadbelchers off the board with Steed of Shadows
  • Scraplauncher was forced to charge the Lord doing two wounds with impact hits, another one from the Rhinox, and another one from a SCRAPPER
  • Beastlord saved the last wound and smashed the Scraplauncher with one Strength 8 or 9 attack
  • With nothing left to live for (the game was a loss) Tyrant Karnov charged the chariots down the street
  • The first chariot fled leaving Karnov alone in the middle of the road
  • Tyrant was charged from two directions by 4 chariots at the same time before he exploded
  • Gamed ended as a Loss but the Beer Gut Tribe managed to hold on to 1 Tavern

Sunday - Game 5 vs. Daemons of Chaos
  • Objectives were random for each player
  • All Nurgle DoC list with two huge units of Plaguebearers, two Nurgle Beasts, Heralds, Nurglings, and a GUO
  • My list had nothing that could hurt it
  • I lost the game by the end of Turn 3 (about 20 mins)
  • Hands down the least fun game of WHFB I have ever played
  • Terrible way to end the tournament (how did I even get matched up with this a-hole!?)
So there you have it. 1 Win 2 Draws 2 Losses. The two draws were close and the losses were to lists I had no chance of beating so overall I feel pretty good about my first GT showing. Now it is time to start working on my VC list so maybe I can win a few more games! In my next post I will catalog my thoughts on the list overall, what worked and what didn't.

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