Sunday, December 14, 2008

Progress Report - 12/14/08.

The holidaze are coming! The holidaze are coming!!

While I was hoping to have my 500 points of Ogres totally painted by the end of November life has conspired against me. I am 90% of the way done and I just have to finish up three remaining Ironguts. So much metal on these big guys! It is really a pain in the arse to paint.

It has been a while since I featured any pictures so here are a couple (hastily taken) photos of my finished Ogre Bulls and Gnoblar Trappers. I say finished, but looking at them in these photos I can see a few things that need touching up.

The model on the far left is the first I have ever painted, while the other Bulls were done after the fact. I can see a definite improvement which gives me hope for my future models!

And here is the back. I missed some stitches on the far left Bull's pants! D'oh. I will have to remedy that soon. Still toying with the idea of some tattoos, but I want to wait until I feel better about my freehand abilities.

And here are my Trappers! I have really taken a shine to these little guys. I liked them before but now that they are painted I feel a deeper sense of attachment. Plus they have been doing a pretty good job in my most recent games. Go Trappers!

I hope to get the remainder painted in the next couple of weeks as I have time off from work. Planning on starting my next upgrade to 1000 points yet but I still need to decide between a Slavegiant or Gorger themed list. Critique, comments, and questions are welcome as always!

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