Monday, December 1, 2008

My addiction.

I have become what I feared most, and that is a Warhammer junkie. At times I feel my life revolves completely around the hobby. I read Black Library books, I assemble and paint Warhammer models, I play (not as much as I would like to) Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, and I read/contribute to/listen to various Warhammer related fan websites.

Yet still my thirst for Warhammer is not sated. I dream of starting collections of 40k miniatures, specialized armies, completely modified and converted forces, and now I am even looking into playing Mordheim (I had already considered running a Warhammer Fantasy RPG campaign but my regular group of gamers aren't really the sort to want that).

Yet still I hunger for new models, new army lists, more games, and all to what end? My obsession runs so deep I asked my best friend (and loving girlfriend) to spare me two months of indecision as to what Warhammer project I should undertake next by purchasing me a new army Battalion box for Christmas. So for two months I have been spared the "what army should I begin collecting next" game I tend to play with myself, but in that time I have simply read every existing army book and planned all of the various armies I might potentially build (depending on which army she would choose for me).

And so on, and so on, and so on it goes. A short list of my current (and possibly future) projects so that I may read this at a later date and weep silently at my own insanity.

- 3000 points of Ogre Kingdoms based on the fluff I am crafting for my Tyrant Karnov (of which you have read on this blog). I am at about 1750 or maybe 2000 if I stretch my models. Still want to get Maneaters, need to fix and assemble some Butchers, find or create a Bruiser, eventually get some Rhinox Riders (although I may wait until they become official), and possible include more DoW units (which are currently being phased out by Games Workshop).
- A Dogs of War (DoW) army based on Pirates (which would include many Ogres).
- A Kislev army (or DoW army based on Kislev). Bear cav!!
- Another DoW army based on Araby (possibly being dual use for a "living" Tomb Kings force).
- My Slayer army (which sits at 1000 points currently but I wouldn't mind fleshing it out to hit 1500 or 2000 with more Dwarfs and possibly some DoW).
- A Middenheim/Ulrich Empire (or maybe DoW) themed army (no gunpowder, lots of relegious nutters and men in furry boots).
- My Troll/Monster Warriors of Chaos list (which I have proxied and it is quite fun).

And those are just the ones I have given more thought to. There are plenty more partially fleshed out ideas laying like burning wreckage on the side of some hideous Warhammer Road Warrior highway.

I have become everything I have feared and I am loving it. Lord save my (miniature) soul.

Speaking of addiction, here is a new beer review! Huzzah!

Oskar Blues Brewery - Old Chub Scottish Style Ale

Beer Type: Scottish Ale

Appearance: 12 oz. can with plenty of green and red plaid and a big "OLD CHUB" on the front. Poured a dark brown-red color, almost black if you don't have any light on it. No head at all, but maybe this is an off batch or a mispour?

Smell: Sweet roasted malt with a bit of coffee and chocolate.

First Drink: Sweet! This reminds me of Raison D'etre by Dogfish Head brewery. All of the aromas are there in the flavor with a bit of smoke in the aftertaste. This is 8% ABV but I don't taste that at all ... dangerous!

Mouthfeel: Thick and coating with zero carbonation.

Last Drink: Still sweet but I can make out more of the sweet flavors distinctly. Caramel or toffee? Seems very simple at first but it is actually fairly complex on the tongue.

Drinkability: Never expected to have a beer that tasted like this out of a can! It threw me for a loop, and I have had another brew from this brewery called Dale's Pale Ale. I think this beer is actually better!

Notes: This is a well crafted beer and it comes in a can. Costly though as it runs about $8.99 for a sixer around these parts. I would be interested in having this on tap.

Verdict: 4 out of 5. May be higher/lower but I am still getting used to this style of beer so I will stick with personal taste.

Links: Beer Advocate and Oskar Blues Brewery.

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