Sunday, November 2, 2008

Progress Report - 11/2/08.

Legends speak one man would rise above all obstacles, to paint and model like none that had come before him. Generations have sought this champion of brush and steel, this majesty of glue and file. This is the story ...

... the story of some other guy because that certainly is not me!

I began painting the Beer Gut Tribe! It only took me 8 months or so but here I am with painted models! Behold!!

The first steps towards painting my entire 500 point list for the "Paint and Play" campaign I am running with my WHFB cohorts. A test model, painted in 8 base colors to be "dipped" in Polyurethane stain (Minwax Polyshades: Antique Walnut to be exact), highlighted, based, and finished with a flat spray varnish.

There is a Gnoblar Trapper test model as well!

He is a cute little bugger. So those are the "before" pictures, and you may have guessed (or looked below) that were going to be "after" pictures as well. You were right!

Overall I am really happy with the results. All the colors I chose look really good under the stain, with the possible exception of the skin color. Maybe because of the large nature of the Ogre models, or my poor first attempt at dipping, the stain pooled in some of the flat places. The results look a bit like this Bull is covered in gore, or slime, or sickness, which was not the desired effect. I am hoping to use highlights, and maybe another coat of skin paint, to rectify that particular problem.

And in case you thought I forgot, fear not, here is the Gnoblar Trapper as well!

I will post more pictures as soon as I complete these models. Questions, comments, critiques, and random utterances are all encouraged.

This week I do battle with the dastardly Warriors of Chaos. Here is hoping the Beer Gut Tribe can come out on top and show the new kids on the block who is the boss.

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