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Battle Report: Beer Gut Tribe vs. Warriors of Chaos 11/4/08.

Played the first game in the campaign with the Beer Gut Tribe last week, against the dastardly new Warriors of Chaos. His list consisted of one group of 5 Chaos Knights with a level 2 Chaos Sorcerer in their midst. All of the mounted units were marked by Nurgle (-1 WS in close combat and -1 to hit in shooting) and the Sorcerer also had a spell familiar which allowed him to cast three spells total. The remainder of his army consisted of two minimum size blocks of 10 Marauders.

My list was as follows (for those not keeping up with the campaign progress):

Butcher @ 155
- Bangstick

Bulls x 3 @ 105

Ironguts x 4 @ 192

Gnoblar Trappers x 8 @ 48

Total Points: 500 (of 500)

Obviously my main concern was the Chaos Knights and their general. Their statline is very high, not to mention their Nurgley goodness and the 1+ armor save. Hell, their horses can kill most of my troops! With this in mind I knew the only chance I had at taking out the Knights was to bait them into a charge they would fail, rush in with the Ironguts, and hopefully buff them with Toothcracker or Bullgorger.


Terrain was randomly placed by the game "officials" and the Warriors won the dice off to deploy first. They started with the first unit of Marauders which I followed by my one unit of Bulls. Next up were the other Marauders across from my Bulls, which I followed by placing my Ironguts. Finally came his Chaos Knights and I finished my placement with my Butcher near the Ironguts and close to the Bulls. His Sorcerer went into his Knight block and my Trappers snuck their way on to the battlefield, hiding behind some rocks near the second group of Maraduers. I won the dice off for first turn and took it.

Rolling for his spells the Sorcerer got 5, 7, and 12. This equates to what I remember (as I don't have the WoC book) as being Bubous (deals 1 wound that can't be saved against), Fleshy something (a Regen save that is not remains in play and ends on the caster's next magic phase), and Rot Glorious Rot (which does something terrible to everything within 18" of the caster).

Turn 1

While I was able to get excellent placement with the Gnoblar Trappers they didn't feel like actually coming to the fight the first turn. I rolled a 1 and they stood about bickering. I was really hoping to march block the Marauders and threaten their backs with sharp stuff. Life goes on and the rest of the army marches forward to take on the Knights. Of course here is where I messed up and moved the Ironguts just a little too far, leading to their death at the hands of the Chaos Knights.

Butcher attempts to cast Toothcracker on the Ironguts with a 3 but this is dispelled by the Sorcerer. He aims Braingobbler at the outermost Marauder group but they hold with a 6. He aims at the group again with a Bonecruncher with a 6 which is promptly dispelled with a roll of 8 on two dice. Manage to cast Trollguts on the Ironguts with a 6 and the Sorcerer has no dispel dice left. The Bangstick makes a loud noise but only manages to to roll 1 hit and 1 wound on the group of Marauders. While it could have been a great magic phase it turned out to be pretty mediocre overall.

Now the dirty deeds of Chaos begin with the Knights charging the Ironguts and the Marauders marching up their flanks. The Knights are exactly 14" away from the Ironguts who have moved just a little too far. They hold the charge and take 7 wounds managing to kill just one Knight. They lose combat, flee (8 inches), and are promptly chased down(11 inches). A huge loss for the Beer Gut Tribe and the loss of any chance of victory for me.

The Sorcerer attempted to cast the Bubous spell in CC which the group ruled was not legal. Not sure on this one as the book isn't very clear on what is required besides line of sight. He follows up that with a case of the Fleshy something spell with a 10 which is dispelled by the Butcher with a roll of 13 (on 3 dice). He used his remaining two dice to dispel the Trollguts on the Ironguts which only added to their quick demise.
Turn 2

The Gnoblars finally decide to do something, marching forward behind the Marauders in case they flee the coming Ogre charge which comes from both the Bulls and the Butcher to their front. They manage to pass their fear check by rolling a 3 (although they should have taken two as it was two seperate fear causing units that charged ... I need to remember this stuff!) and hold their ground. The bull charge kills 3 of the front rank outight with the remaining 7 wounds coming in from the Bulls and Butcher. The unit is destroyed and both of the Ogre units take their overrun move forwards, the Bulls with 10" and the Butcher with 5".

Another turn of Gut Magic where nothing happened went by with the Butcher casting Trollguts on the Bulls with a 3 (on 2 dice) and Blood Gruel on himself at 6 (on 2 dice) which is dispelled by the Sorcerer with a roll of 7. The Butcher now has only two wounds left which makes him a great target for the Chaos Sorcerer and his nasty spells.

Chaos begins to reform and moves in to make charges on the remaining Ogres. The Sorcerer attempts to cast Bubous on the Butcher with 6 (on 2 dice) which is dispelled with a roll of 6 as well (also on 2 dice). He then casts Fleshy something on his unit of Chaos Knights again and the Butcher has insufficient dice to attempt a dispel.

Turn 3

At this point the Ogres are playing for survival. Knowing they need a diversionary tactic they send the Trappers forwards towards the incoming Knights in the hopes their tiny green bodies might slow down the massive warriors. The Butcher moves to face the Marauders flanks while the Bulls pull back towards the table edge.

The Butcher begins his magic phase with Braingobbler on the Marauders. A roll of 6 is not dispelled by the Sorcerer and the Marauders stay put after rolling a 5. Casting Bonecruncher on the Marauders does 2 wounds, while Bloodgruel is dispelled with an 11 (on 3 dice) after casting with a 9 (on two dice). The Bangstick makes some noise for the second time in the game, but it may be firing blanks as it only does 1 hit again, this time with no wounds. Another round of mostly ineffectual Gut Magic goes down in history.

Chaos moves its Knights forward while the Maruders shuffle backwards and turn to face the Butcher. The Sorcerer attempts to cast Rot Glorious Rot on everything within 18" with three dice but miscasts with two 1's and a 4. Rolling a 7 on the miscast table the Sorcerer takes a wound and ends his magic phase.

Turn 4

The Gnoblar Trappers continue to be the most useful unit on the board for the Beer Gut Tribe, moving forward 8" to march block the Knights while staying out of their charge line of sight. They think about throwing stones at them before remembering they marched that turn and can not do so. Silly, silly Gnoblars. The Bulls shuffle sideways 3" while the Butcher moves forward 12" and faces the Marauders flank once again.

Gut Magic is ineffectual again as the Butcher attempts to cast Braingobbler on the Marauders and fails, while Bloodgruel is cast with a 7 and quickly dispelled by the Sorcerer with another 7. The Bangstick remains quiet this turn as it is dispelled with the remaining dispel dice of Chaos.

The Warriors of Chaos seem to be losing their will to kill only moving forward 7" while the Marauders shuffle backwards to face the Butcher again. The Sorcerer casts Fleshy Abundance (yeah I just now remembered the name) with no attempt to dispel from the Butcher. This seems to confuse the Warriors of Chaos but they brush it off.

Turn 5

Terrible photos aside, turn 5 starts off with the Butcher running into the nearby forest. The Bulls continue to move sideways hoping to stay out of reach of the Chaos Knights, and the Gnoblars move into the flanks and front of the Knights. Once again they feel the urge to throw rocks and bits but their attacks are ineffectual at best, simply bouncing off the Chaos Knights and their twisted armor. The Butcher manages to finally get off a Blood Gruel and heals one of his lost wounds putting him back up to 3 wounds.

The Chaos Knights declare a charge on the Trappers who promptly flee in an effort to smash the Knights into the nearby rocks or at least expose their flanks to the nearby Bulls. They succeed in getting themselves killed but fail to position the Knights within the charge line of sight of the Bulls further proving that you should never trust a Gnoblar. The Chaos Sorcerer attempts to cast Fleshy Abundance again but this time fails (rolling 3 dice in the process). Meanwhile the Marauders turn and high tail it towards the back table quarter in an effort to get more points.

Turn 6

The Bulls can't make a charge so they do the next best thing and move towards the opposite table quarter. Meanwhile the Butcher pops out of the forest to say hello to the sweaty shirtless men on the other side. They get Bone Cruncher and Bangsticked down to just 5 models and run for their lives.

The Chaos turn and attempt to blast the nearby Bulls with Nurgle magic but fail to do so. The game is over and somehow the Bulls and Butcher managed to survive. The result is a Solid Victory for the forces of Chaos (340) over the mostly harmless Beer Gut Tribe (184).

It was a fun game and I can certainly see my mistakes. Hopefully the next time I have to face these close combat monsters from the Chaos wastes I will have a better plan to beat them with. Playing other MSU armies at a low point total just isn't all that fun.

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