Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Weekly update #7 - 2/17/18

Writing this post in week #8 as I was out of town having fun and away from the computer last week for 5 days. I did manage to get just a little bit done on the hobby front though. Just a couple basecoat colors on some pestilent rats. 

These minis would be a lot more fun to paint if I hadn't primed them in something terrible which rejects layered paint on top. I'm hoping I can use this to my "advantage" to make them look extra gritty and diseased. We'll see if I can keep my cool throughout the whole lot. I still have an entire Virulent Horde to assemble and paint after this lot! 

And of course I finally got some primer on the Nurgle lot from last week. Looking forward to getting these fat flyboys on the table to see what they are capable of!

While I was away from home I played a few rounds of this game I picked up on a whim last month. 

It's basically a single player solitaire game played with a tarot deck and dungeon crawl/rpg elements. Pretty fun! The basic rules are easy to pick up and I managed to "win" on my third game after getting all of the treasure hordes and making my way back out of the dungeon alive. The original game rules are free for download so check it out if you are interested. You can play the basic set with just a deck of cards. 

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