Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weekly Update #6 - 2/10/18

Didn't get any games in this week! Between working on the weekend, fighting off sickness (thanks Papa Nurgle), and a whole bunch of snow it just wasn't possible. That being said I did chop off a few heads in For Honor on PS4. Finally gave the game a go and it's got a lot of interesting game mechanics going on. Mostly just a brawl with various sharp objects but still takes a considerable amount of skill. 

While snowbound this weekend I did manage to get the finishing touches down on the Pusgoyle, Ole Horny Snail, and yet more Plaguebearers. 

Really hoping to get a game in with some of these pestilent creeps soon though the next couple month involve a lot of traveling away from home. Which means no access to minis to paint nor build nor pal around with! Here's hoping I manage to be able to paint when I come back to it in a few weeks. 

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