Saturday, January 28, 2017

Progress Report 1/28/7 - 52 Minis Week 4

Didn't accomplish much this week in the realm of games or painting. I'm hoping to spend a bit more time this weekend at the desk but homework is always looming...

This week we have this Chaos Sorcerer looking guy in a stitched up skin cloak. Not sure what edition of WHFB or 40k he is from. Another random from my acquisitions. 

I had fun painting the various shades of skin color in his cloak and the magic runes on his skulls. The stuck on dead skin mask was a bit of gruesome joy to paint as well. And even though I didn't plan on it I finished up another Dwarf adventurer while I was at it!

No name yet for this grizzled bear clad warrior. I imagine him as being a bit of a veteran... he's seen some things. I tried to reflect that in his slightly battleworn gear. Pretty happy with how he turned out overall. If you have a name suggestion throw it in the comments section! Next up on the painting table... more Dwarfs!?

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