Friday, November 4, 2016

Headed Off To Underworld Cup 2016!

It's November! That means it is time for the Underworld Cup!! Due to work obligations I have not been able to attend since Coach FlyingDingle took on hosting the event with new rules. But this year is different! I can finally bring my Ogres into a potentially competitive environment for them with plenty of build gold and a nice boost in development at the early stages of the tournament.

You can find rules for the event here.

Essentially you start with a 1.2 Million GP build and get to add 90k in skills and extras each round. Each player can only get one upgrade per round. Outside of that you are pretty much free to do what you want! My Ogres start with an extra 100k for their build (so 1.3) plus an additional 50k to spend on skills before Round 1 (so 140k total).

After a few botched attempts at roster creation here is what I settled on for Round 1:
Click to embigify
First thought it... was do Ogres love? Being strong! So +ST is a must. Also they like to hit stuff and help each other hit stuff so we needed some hitting skills and a bit of Guard tossed in. Snotlings don't need anything but to get in the way and not get stomped. Unless you bring a Chainsaw to the field... in which case you probably won't get eaten (right away).

So what does Round 2 look like? See for yourself:
Push button make big
Gonna need to be able to hit people better! Also maybe we'll try and pick up the ball?

Then it is on to Round 3:
You can do it! Click here!
Hitting things is fun but what we really want is dead things (to hit and eat)! Ogres!! Let's fall on em!?

We get up in Round 4:
Don't make me type things here...
We get up and we also get tricksy with a bit of Side Step to go with our Frenzy. Oh yeah and we can also move around a bit more with some Break Tackle in there for funsies.

Round 5 it all goes to pot:

More +ST!! More movement!! More crushing skulls rarrrggh!!?

And there you have it. My goals with these rosters and upgrades is simply one of having fun playing with my Ogres. Nothing fancy. If I can win a game or two and get a bunch of CAS in the process I would be a very happy Irongut. What will become of the matches?! Perhaps I will let you know the next time I update...

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