Monday, August 15, 2016

Progress Report - Augulyst mega-update part 2.

You read all the 40k nonsense in part 1 already yeah? Good. Let's get into part 2!!!

Here is the part where we talk about Blood Bowl... specifically Zlurpee Bowl. This year I brought another For The Love of the Game team - TROLLS! Basically Goblins with no secret weapons and three Trolls (counting Ripper the star player). Mostly I wanted to finish painting my Crablings team and use them in something... which I did!

I can't seem to find my roster anywhere... but from memory I took 11 Goblins and the 3 Trolls with 2 rerolls, am Apoth, and 1 Fan Factor. The Trolls had most of the skills - both with Guard, 1 with Break Tackle and 1 with Juggernaut. I had 2 Goblins with Catch, 2 with Side Step, and 1 with Sure Hands.

Played 5 games! I couldn't even remember what happened really! In part because I spent the night before the start of the tournament in Detroit watching John Carpenter perform live!

John Carpenter playing the theme from The Fog in a Fog!
After getting about an hour of sleep I piled into the car with Furry and headed to Indiana for the tournament. I didn't do a good job of taking notes but I did grab a few photos and you can see my final score below:

This is a wereshark AKA Ripper.
Goblins getting handled by Chaos Pact.
Goblins getting handled by Goblins.
Final game for the Weak Sauce award (last place) vs Hobgoblins w/ Minotaur.

Played against some very tough teams and only managed to win the last game... for last place! Great mix of coaches and teams though and I had a really fun time even though my team was a pile of hot garbage who couldn't be counted on to make a 3+ dodge with a reroll to save their lives. 

At the end of the day I walked home with the Weak Sauce (last place) award. I am now in the proud club of having the last place award for both Chaos Cup and Zlurpee Bowl! Yah!!!

Coming up next we have Chaos Cup!! Another annual favorite/onslaught of pain and endurance! This year I thought it would be fun to bring something new and different (and to finish painting another team I have sitting around collecting dust).... Dark Elves! Here is my current roster:

Blitzer x 2 - w/ Dodge
Witch Elf x 2 - 1 w/ Block, 1 w/ Wrestle, both with Side Step
Runner x 2
Assassin x 1 - w/ Multiple Block
Line elves x 4
1 Reroll

Really wanted to play something with more agility and a running game. Also wanted to bring the Assassin because why not!? Sure it is not the "best" choice but I am more interested in having fun and doing something different. Obviously I don't care much about winning. Here are a few photos of the WIP Dark Elves:

L to R: Witches and Blitzers
L to R: Runners and Assassin
Line Elves!
Still a lot to paint on these elves and I am running out of time to do it! Here's hoping I can manage to get them done and on the pitch for the event. I did manage to finish painting up a Vampire for this year's Chaos Cup Legacy Team though! Pretty happy with how he turned out:

Looks ready to kick ass and suck blood and not necessarily in that order! Meaning he will probably fail a bunch of blood lust rolls...

Also painting up a few wasteland critters from This is Not a Test for charity. Just a quick bit of paint.. hopefully they go to some kids in need of mutant rats, snakes, and roaches!

And that is all for now. Made the choice to go back to school and get some kind of degree (as my job will foot the tuition bill) and settled on an Art/Illustration degree. Expect to see some of that stuff pop up here from time to time among the other random updates. Apologies to the beer lovers as I haven't been giving the beer reviews a proper place on the blog. Been drinking less and my archive of reviews is buried in files from my dead computer. I'll try and remedy that soon! Til next time..

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