Sunday, August 14, 2016

Progress Report - Augulyst mega-update part 1.

Been slacking! Many things have happened since I last updated and I figured I should try and capture as much as possible here for historical reasons if nothing else...

First up I did manage to finish painting my big guys for the 750pt 40k tournament and I managed to play three games without messing up too much! I think I even won a couple games and tied another. Here are a few highlights:

Turns out charging this thing wasn't the best idea. Also I forgot to make attacks from the riders!
My Soul Grinder thinking about leaving a nice pile of phlegm on some IG armor.
Game 1 was vs Imperial Guard with a lot of armor (not shocking). Not the most "friendly" list but the forces of Nurgle remained triumphant and nearly tabled the IG (who forfeit on the second to last turn). In this game I learned the importance of cover saves, barrage weapons, close combat with vehicles, and that my Nurgle Daemon Prince was a nice slice of (moldy) cheese.  

Flies getting ready to be blasted off the table by martians.
Nurglings holding down the objective and hiding from 5+ snap shots!
Daemon Prince deciding how best to get over to the enemy HQ with so much anti-air in play.
Second match of the day was against Skitarii (Adeptus Mechanius). Really fun game though we didn't finish as it was both of our second games at 750 pts and we had to look up a lot of rules. Plus the Skitarii have some pretty cool special rules. I like the look of them. Must resist....

Plaguebearers and Herald thinking about leaving the battlefield after seeing all of the guns.
Fly power take 3? This time let's swarm the Tau assault team and their special character choice!
As you can guess that didn't go so well...
Final game of the day was against the Tau. Plenty of fire support, armor, and GUNS oh my. First few turns saw most of the Daemons blasted off the board before the Tau got aggressive with objectives and fell right into the Daemon Prince trap. NOM NOM he ate them all in about 3 turns. Win?!?

For those who are wondering here is the list I brought to the event:

HQ (300)
Daemon Prince
- Mark of Nurgle
- Daemonic Flight
- Greater Reward

Herald of Nurgle
- Lesser Loci: Virulency
- Psyker (Mastery Level 1)

TROOPS (144)
Plaguebearers x 11
Nurglings x 3

Plague Drones x 3

Soul Grinder
- Mark of Nurgle
- Phlegm Bombardment

Our 1,000 point escalation event was this past weekend but I wasn't able to attend. The only thing I added to get from 750 to 1,000 was a Great Unclean One w/ Greater Reward and Psyker lvl 2. Kept the Daemon Prince as a Heavy Support choice and added a psyker level 1 to him. Filth!? Beyond 1,000 I am thinking more troops, maybe some cultists, and Beasts of Nurgle. 

By the way here is the mini I am using for my Great Unclean One... the glorious Glottkin!

Here is assembled with a start on the basecoats. He comes with his brothers of course but I wanted to have the option of leaving them off so I simply magnetized them and made bases for them to live on when they aren't riding their big brother around.

And I did manage to paint up a few Nurglings and Nurgling bases/objective markers as well. I think I forgot to put their WIP photos up here as I was working on them (I threw in a few WIP of the Daemon Prince too for good measure)!

Playing on a gross "not dick" growth is a favorite past time of all Nurglings... or so they tell me.

Can't beat a little shower from the tentacle pit to get your day going Nurgle style!

And here they are with some paint on them. Still need to seal them and add the final disgusting details.

It's a bird? A spewing mouth? A gut faced goon? Hell whatever it is you don't really want to get into Close Combat with it I can tell you from experience. 

That's it for the 40k side of things! Check back for part 2 where I detail the current state of Blood Bowlness and my plans for Chaos Cup 2016!

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