Monday, March 30, 2015

Progress Report 3/30/15 - A building a day keeps the foam away.

Remember when I said I was going to post some photos of my Mordheim game last week? Yeah well that game didn't happen as I was absorbed back into the giant all encompassing produce beast known as my "job". But! I did manage to get in a couple quick games earlier this week against a nasty little group of Possessed and I even managed to snag a couple shots too. 

First match was a Treasure Hunt. The Undead got it on the first roll of 2D6.
Second match we used the same board setup for a Wyrdstone Hunt.
Even with a nasty Possessed running to the top with two shards the Undead came after him.
Innocent bystanders filmed the Possessed last seconds before being taken out by Corin the Vampire.
Two games and another two victories for Corin's Heroes! As a Vampire he is getting quite nasty with boosts to his Initiative, Weapon Skill, and Wounds! He also has Sprint and Lightning Reflexes and found a Lucky Charm in his last exploration of the cursed city. Can he be stopped? Will the rest of his Dregs stop dying every game!? We wait to see...

In other Mordheim news I worked on building up a broken siege wall with rubble strewn about. I also failed to take very good WIP shots but here is where I started out. 

Have since added a bunch of debris and random detritus scattered outside the broken wall as well as base coating it all for more paint! More WIP photos to come...

Then I slapped together another bit of rubble (I will get to full building soon I promise!) since I had some stuff laying about and wanted to get it out of the way.

Bricks in giant chunks? Check. A bit of wood and some weapons? Sure! Now where did those other parts of the ruined building go? Hmmm...

And finally I spent a little bit of time today putting together my "dogs" for the Witch Hunters and whatever other game requires some beasts in it. I used these LoTR wargs because they are cool and cheap! Everybody wins. 

Plus you can see the progress I made on that ruined wall in the background! I doubt the dogs made that mess though.

Speaking of messes I figured my pal needed some actual mutants for his Possessed warband (though the Deadzone minis are doing a decent job of standing in) so I slapped together a couple out of bits I had lying around. I am quite pleased with the results! 

May still add a bit of greenstuff to give them a more "finished" look but I think for a quick hack job they turned out quite nice. 

That's all there is for now! Will return later in the week with more WIP photos and perhaps even a finished piece of terrain? Who knows!?

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Paul O'G said...

Great to see the game in progress - looks great!
Love the new wall section too, very nicely out together