Monday, November 10, 2014

Progress Report 11/10/14 - Zoning Out.

Things! Big things! Changing up the job again. This time I will be making a bit more money but have a bit less time not working (at least for the next few months). Excited to be less stressed about income but not so excited about spending the next month and a half away from home for training! 

Expect updates to come few and far between in the next couple months. In the meantime here are some photos of Deadzone terrain I have been building up (along with modifying some existing terrain I had built for Necromunda). Still no idea when I will play the game proper but I figure having some nice looking terrain to play on can't make matters worse. 

Big 4x4 building/stronghold type terrain.
A "bridge" type building I made to connect other buildings.
Like this!
Start of some sort of space type building thing with platforms.
This unpainted terrain belongs to the Rebs!!
Perhaps we should call it TERRArain?
A big 4x4 rubble pile with some towers.
I've actually got a lot more done now. Pretty much all of the Deadzone starter box terrain is built and I am just adding some of the bits and details to them now. I built a lot of cubes figuring they would be the most flexible for stacking and other formations. I'll get them up soon once I have it all primed!

Also managed to snag this snazzy new paint rack out of the trash. Organization!!

Ohhh... fancy.
And I received some new brushes from the Ichiban Games & Gears kickstarter though I haven't used them yet. They look nice and I hope to paint up some minis with them soon! Until next time...

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