Saturday, November 1, 2014

Malal Minis - Mierce Miniatures.

Still thinking about a host of Malal for my Warriors of Chaos. Still haven't landed on the perfect models or ideas for conversions either... then today I came (back) across Mierce Miniatures and saw this shiny new mini!

Daarkan - Tain of Baalor
Look familiar to any Malal fans out there? Perhaps this image will shake up your memory?

Kaleb Daark
So massively in love with this mini I wish I could buy it up right this moment! Sadly funds are not on my side so hopefully time will be...

And speaking of time I would recommend finding some to browse the other excellent (and excellently painted) miniatures on the Mierce website. I found a few others I think would make excellent additions to my Malal themed force... and here they are!

Belech - Scion of Baalor

Idruaada - Warlock Lord of Baalor

Kraan - Untain of Baalor

Tundaar - Skull Bearer of Baalor

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