Saturday, June 14, 2014

Progress Report 6/14/14 - The plague (of unpainted minis).

It's June! So far it has been a very busy month for me but not so much on the painting or gaming fronts! Been working on a side business that is food related and selling some stuff at a market in my town. Also headed to Austin, TX for a week in just two days where I plan to eat a lot of tacos, drink some beers, and maybe play a game or two. 

In the meantime there has been talk of getting a Mordheim game started between a few Blood Bowl folks since that has pretty much died off. Also getting ready (mentally) for Zlurpee Bowl X next month as well as painting and assembling Deadzone minis. 

I also got my "paint and trade" Maneater mini in the mail... behold! He makes me want to model an entire unit of Maneaters focused on heavy drinking but I may not get to that for awhile. 

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