Sunday, April 13, 2014

Progress Report 4/13/14 - Progress Delayed.

Been a few weeks since I posted anything. Don't feel great about that. I have reasons... numerous ones. The usual mix of work, hobbies that don't involve miniatures, life stuff, video games, and general lazy times. It hasn't been totally non-productive though! I finished up my first oil painting class (though I do not have a finished painting to show for it I do have new skills and experience) and I got a bit of paint on a few minis too. 

First I built a couple Deadzone minis.
Then I put on some skin tone for... ELVES.
Then I started on a test model.
The skin is driving me crazy.
I like the look overall though.
And there you have it. Progress of a sort. Spending the rest of the month out of town on the road for various work functions so I doubt I will get back to much painting in the next couple weeks. Too bad... I need to figure out what I am bringing to Headbangers Ball in May!!


Tristan M said...

Nice to see you are getting into deadzone as well. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Marauders - planning to stick with green skin?

Randroid said...

Haven't really decided yet. I tend to like varied skintones so probably a slew of dark to light greens.

Tristan M said...

Seen some very cool variant skin tones done for them, think about it! I wish I had :/

Paul oftheManCave said...

That elf skins looks fantastic mate - stick with it!

Axtklinge said...

As mentioned, love the skin tone of that elf. Congrats!