Sunday, January 12, 2014

Progress Report 1/12/14 - Sloppy Pants.

Sunday. A new week. Last week was a bit of a mixed bag. Had fun being trapped indoors during the massive polar vortex storms that hit my area of Michigan with the woman. But on the negative side I missed my first oil painting class due to a weather cancellation and the sun room I paint it was so cold I couldn't stand to be in there! Then my back started acting up and it hurt to do anything...

Still! I managed to get just a bit of paint on the Goliath Necro gang on the table and I also sketched out my first oil painting as well.

They look slightly handless but menacing.
My sketch
My reference
Not that I am a huge X-Files fan, but I do like the Smoking Man, and I like this image for my first painting. It has some interesting lighting, colors, and I think painting the skin tones and wrinkles will provide my some great experience and hopefully new techniques.

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Mattias Darrow said...

Dude! I just started watching the X-files. Can't say I'm much of a fan either, so far, but its a nice thing to have going while I paint.

Good luck. Oil painting sounds hard.