Monday, February 27, 2012

Progress Report 2/27/12 - Feb Pledge Fail?

Spent a bit of time painting today. Wanted to get some lighter "belly" shades on my Lizardmen Blood Bowl team. I pledged to complete them for the February Stronghold painting pledge though it looks unlikely at the moment. Here is a quick before pic (from a couple weeks back - the last time I did any painting):
And here is where they are at today..
I think I am happier with them? Still learning so much about painting... every day. I think a light wash might bring the transition in line a bit better but I am worried about crapping up my already crapped up paint job to the point of frustration. Instead of working on the skin more I started painting more of the details and bases. I was going slow... perhaps because I was listening to this while painting:

I forget that I enjoy painting. I need to do it more often so it is fresh in my mind. Being healthy helps too of course. Oh yeah! I'm just one follower away from 100! I think that is important or something? Until next time..


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Lets recap- you made some progress during the month, learnt more about your hobby and enjoyed yourself. No fails there buddy!

Randroid said...

It's true! I wish I had managed to get more painted but such is the way of life...