Saturday, February 11, 2012

Progress Report 2/11/12 - Slowly but surely "Saurus".

Nothing new to report. Haven't been painting much. These Blood Bowl "Saurus" have really slowed me down. Having a hard time finding the motivation and desire to paint them but I don't want to start a new project until they are done. Here's where they are at right now:


Also been stressing with this test model for the "Skinks". I was hoping to paint them a light off-white color to stand out from and brighten up the rest of the team. Not sure if I like this first guy (who isn't done yet). 

Comments, critiques, tips, tricks, hoots, and hollers are all welcome. I am hoping to get the "Saurus" done this month and the "Skinks" too if I can manage it. We'll see...


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Love the way the Saurus are coming out - the little bits of colour really look great.

Not sure I would go with the very different colour for the skinks, but a much lighter green would keep the colour theme while also making them different.

Either way this is going to be another great looking team!

Mik said...

These guys look great, makes me want to paint some up. I agree with the color on the Skinks, I'd have the majority in a similar green, but one or two 'albinos' might be cool too.

rowport said...

I don't like the skink at all but really like the saurus. The bright gems and necklace beads really pop on the dark green to draw your eye.

Randroid said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I will likely add a bit of lighter tone to the "soft underbellies" of the crocs. I think the albino skink is a no go. Perhaps I will try it as a lighter shade of green and see how that looks.