Friday, July 22, 2011

Ogre Kingdoms - New rumors abound!

New Ogre rumors are coming in fast and from what I have seen in the past I think this current round hold water. Time will tell...

Phil Kelly is author.

Plastic kits:
  • Rhinox Riders (on regular Rhinoxen) (box of 3)
  • Scraplauncher/Skewer-slinger (Similar to Warp-cannon/plague-claw in design)
  • Great Mammox with three ogre crew and plastic tyrant option (Same base as Arachnarock. Imagine a cross between a musk ox and a Mammoth)
  • Yhetees (More gorilla-like, and and no more 80's hairstyle manes. Really dynamic for a plastic kit)

  • Jahred The Red on Rhinox
  • Golgfag Maneater
  • Redone Goldtooth, Skrag, maneaters (box of 3, female, ninja and pirate discontinued), Tyrant/bruiser, gorger.

  • Bull Charge will work always, even though you're less than 3 ogres and charge less than 6".
  • All ogres except butchers gain a basic 6+ save from their gut plates.
  • Ogre Clubs negates parry save, and is a general rule for all weapons like Choppas in OnG.
  • All army restrictions gone, but gnoblars do not count towards minimum core.
  • Gnoblars T2, but Sharp stuff is March and Fire, Range 10".
  • Weapon options for units cheaper, and minor point reductions across the board. Bulls will stay same base cost.
  • Magic will be standardized. Most spells will stay similar (augments) but with greater range, and can be buffed to affect more units. May also be cast on Yhetees and Gorgers.
  • Rhinox Riders are super-hard. They get regular stomp and D3+1 Bull Charge, and also has Devastating Charge. (Special Choice)
  • Scraplauncher, same but moves to Rare.
  • Rhinox and Mammox are mount options for Tyrant and Hunter.
  • Mammox can thunderstomp everything, like the SoM Bonegrinder Giant. Insane stats, but expensive (like 290 points base.). Crew can have leadbelcher swivel guns.
  • Hunter greatly improved. Move and fire with harpoon and monster-killing special rules.
  • Yhetees as in SoM, but with options for 2HW or GW, and musician now. No standard-bearer.
  • Leadbelchers auto-hit, and can fire every turn, but only S4, no AP. Don't come with Light Armour.

Magic Items:
  • Big Names Gone.
  • Half of items are Magic Weapons.
  • Tenderizer and Siegebreaker will stay.
  • Halfling Cookbook grants Loremaster.
  • There's a banner granting the same frenzy Minotaurs have.

Plastics will be out in October. Finecast in November.

Things I like in this list of rumors (to be taken with plenty of salt):
  • New plastic kits for a Rhinox, Mammox, Scraplauncher, and Yhetees.
  • New models for Golgfag Maneater and Jhared the Red.
  • New rules for the Ogre Club sound interesting and are quite fluffy I think.
  • Gnoblars max caps are gone but they do not count towards Core requirements.
  • Minor point reduction across the board with weapon options being cheaper.
  • Hunter gets better with move and fire and monster killing abilities (heroic killing blow?).
  • New special characters.

Things I don't like in this list of rumors (I really hope these aren't true):
  • No point reduction for Bulls? That would make them the worst monstrous infantry unit in the game!
  • Yhetees are not really improved. Same as in SoM but with different attacks.
  • Scraplauncher moving to a Rare choice seems excessive. Must be a lot of whiners out there with big block armies.
  • Taking away Big Names is like Dwarfs losing runes or Bretonnians losing virtues!
  • Making Gut Magic more "standard" doesn't really appeal to me. Simplifying it does but I hope they don't ruin the flavor (pun intended).

So there you have it... my thoughts on these rumors. I'm sure you were dying to know what I thought!!

In the end I won't complain too much if the new book is of the same quality and caliber of the last two (O&G and Tomb Kings). I suspect the release of this new book will give me a reason to bust out the big boys on the table again... it's been almost a year since I played a game of WHFB!!


Alex said...

After Tomb Kings, it's not surprise that gut magic is being 'normalized.' I am disappointed about the loss of the big names (and the implications that I'll probably lose Brettonian virtues in the future).

Old Shatter Hands said...

While I am excited, I just finished painting an exactly 2500 point army and I know I will have to go back and re-do half the stuff...oh jeez, a new army book is a blessing and a curse!

Randroid said...

Yeah.. I have been waiting to finish my OK army for the release of this new book.