Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Vampire Counts models and rules incoming - Updated with more pics!

Came across this news today while reading Mr Saturday's Mumblings - new Vampire Counts models and rules to be released soon!

A new Vampire Lord plastic kit that can be made into a Zombie Dragon or something called a "Terrorgheist". Also to be released are new plastic wraiths as well.

Also new rules in the August WD which change things up a bit for VC.

And this info was posted on Warseer by ihavetoomuchminis:
all these new rules are meant to be official rules.

The Ghoul king mount thing. It's worth some more points than a Varghulf. It can be included as a mount for a ghoul king (wich is any vampire lord with the ghoulkin vampiric power) or as a RARE UNIT.

It flies, causes terror, is large target, undead. I think it is WS3 or 5, not sure on that. S5, T6, W6, I3, A4, L??.

It has a shooting attack similar to the banshee. Roll 2d6 + number of wounds remaining of the monster - Leadership of the target unit = No armour saves allowed wounds. Not sure on the range. I think it was 18". Probably less.

Can be upgraded with poisoned attacks and/or a special rule that inflicts 3d6 S2 hits on any BtB unit when it dies.

The wraiths become a hero choice, and it seems they can join units. They are the same stats as in the VC book, and can make an special attack, replacing its normal attacks. This special attack auto-wounds and doesn't allow armour saves. The model is plastic and has 3 different heads. It's like levitating, with a cloak and a scythe.

The banshees become a hero choice (not sure if they can join units). Not new rules. The model is great. Also levitating.

It isn't specified if the wraiths rare unit of the VC book is still usable.

What i like: all, but the fact that they are giving us even less reasons to take anything but ghouls as basic units.

This stuff is getting me interested in my VC army again!! How about you?

UPDATE: Just came across a few more pictures on Warseer. Cool!


The Lord of Excess said...

The model looks awesome!! But I'm cringing in fear at what its probably going to cost ... 80 bucks ... hopefully its below 50. Though I highly doubt it.

Randroid said...

Yeah... cost is certainly a factor. It's still probably cheaper than converting one from a plastic kit.

John@Plastic Legions said...

Wow, the new wraiths and tomb banshee are awesome..too bad they are finecast...guess the wraith would have to be with that pose.

Turtle Tim said...

John - they're plastic like the new necromancer, not finecast.

I expect the dragon/gheist to be around $57 like the arachnarok or new black dragon.