Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WHFB 8th Edition information from the Ogre Stronghold.

The internet is full of 8th edition chatter this morning as GW sent out their announcement email as well as prices and pictures of the different collectible sets available. I'm sure you've all seen this information already so I won't bother covering it here. 

However! One of our forum members (Dooks Dizzo) on the Ogre Stronghold has agreed to answer questions we put forth regarding 8th edition. Since many of you do not frequent the forum I thought it would be good to share that information here. I'll add more information as it is provided in the forum thread.
So, I am finally allowed to talk about the 8th ed book with everyone.  Hragged put together a great set of questions to get us started.
1. How does the save system work for models that have an armour save, ward save and/or regen? Same as 7th or has it changed?
You may always take your armor save (if you would be allowed one) and then if you have both ward and regenerate you will have to choose which one you want to take.

2. Can Ogres use the Flying Carpet magic item?
Oh hell yes, and I expect to see some rockin’ conversions soon.

3. Are fear causers immune to panic?
Short answer: no.
Long answer: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

4. Do enemy units have to take a fear test every combat phase?

5. If a unit fails a fear test, are they reduced to WS1 and A1 or simply reduced to WS1? Does it last for the remainder of the combat, until the start of the player's next turn, or does it last for that combat phase only?
WS1 and it lasts until they pass a fear test, but they must continue to test each round, pass or fail.

6. Is the Bull Charge special rule in the rulebook now? If so, has it changed from what is printed in the Ogre book?
It is not in the main rule book.  We will still follow the rules from our army book.

7. Could you please briefly outline the bonuses provided by each command group model?

Standard bearer: as 7th ed.  However a captured standard only gives up 25vp’s in 8th.
Champion: as 7th ed.  However if a champion defeats a hero or lord in a challenge +50 vp’s are awarded.
Musician: as 7th ed. Except that a musician allows for ‘swift reform’ maneuvers.  A swift reform allows a unit to make normal move (not march) after reforming and allows a unit to shoot (with the normal -1 penalty for moving.)

8. What bonuses does a BSB provide?
Same as 7th ed.  With the following bonus: allows units to re-roll ALL leadership tests within 12”.  Panic, Break, Stupidity, Primal Fury, etc.
Give 100 vp’s if slain in close combat (including being run down.)

9. How does line of sight work in 8th?
True line of sight.  Hard cover for shooting through models.  I’m not going to answer endless questions or enter debates on this one.  Get the book, read it and play through a few games before worrying about it.  All the games I have played it has worked out fine.

10. Any changes to stupidity?
Yes!  ‘Suffering’ from stupidity makes you immune to psych.  Hello Mawseeker!

11. Are models only march blocked if they fail a leadership test?
It’s more like they’re not march blocked if they pass one.

12. Any changes to how the brace of handguns works?
Just as good as ever.  ‘Over packed’ on the first shot is gone.

13. Any changes to Gut Magic under the new magic system?
Other than it being generally easier to cast, no.  Slaughtermasters gaining +4 to cast is going to be handy for example.

14. What are the rules for army construction? Any Ogre book army restrictions lifted?
Restrictions are lifted.  In a one off contradiction to the normal rules, the BRB supercedes whatever system of army selection you have in your book.  You follow the rules listed in the BRB which are as follows:
Up to 25% Lord
Up to 25% Hero
Minimum of 25% core
Up to 50% special
Up to 25% rare

1-2999 no more than 3 duplicate special choices and 2 duplicate rare choices
3000+ no more than 6 duplicate special choices and 4 duplicate rare choices

In 3000 points you could have 6 units of 2 leadbelchers and 6 scrap launchers, and whatever else you wanted so long as you did not go over your 50% special allotment.

15. How many ranks do Ogres fight in, how many Ogres make a rank, and how many Ogres are required to make a horde unit?
2 ranks like everyone else (with up to 3 attacks from the second rank per model), 3 ogres to make a rank and 6 ogres wide to make a horde.

16. How many attacks does the second rank of Ogres get, and how many attacks does the third rank in an Ogre horde unit get?
3 and 3.

17. Does the Stomp rule exist and work as the rumours suggested?
The Stomp rule does indeed exist and no it doesn’t work as suggested.  It is not an additional attack, it is an additional hit!  One per model in base contact, Always Strikes Last.

18. Is the S7 autokill vs chariots (i.e. our Scraplaunchers) rule gone?
Yes, no more S7 auto splat.

19. Can you always wound on a 6, no matter how low your S is and how high the enemy's T is?
Yes.  And with the number of ways to buff toughness out there, this is very important.

20. Can you share any more common magic items with us?
Warseer pretty much has these nailed.

21. Are the Allies rules only for games with multiple players on the same side, or do they allow you to play with multiple armies yourself?
All games are an agreement between players, so you really can do whatever you like.  The rules however were included with games consisting of more than 2 players in mind.

22. Battle Missions - how many are there and how do they work?
There are 6.
The first one is the beloved pitched battle.

23. Scenarios - how many are there and do any of them involve Ogres?
M\None that specifically involve Ogres no.  There are 11 of them with a few that have subsets for specific historical battles.

24. Roughly how much of the 500+ page rulebook is rules? What makes up the rest of the book, and in what quantity?
Roughly 200 pages is rules.  100 pages of back story for all the armies. 50 or so pages of miniature show cases.  Campaign rules, scenario’s, legendary battles…you name it.  The book is absolutely beautiful, full color and just packed with information.
There is also a picture in the Ogre back story that I have never seen before.  Looks like pencil drawn and shows a large ogre riding a massive rhinox.

Some very exciting prospects here for all armies but the new Ogre possibilities have me quite excited! Flying Hunters or Bruisers!? Mawseeker granting ItP!? BSB rerolls for all psychology!? AWESOME STUFF.


MikeD said...

HELL YEA. Now I'm pumped...Chariot time. S7 can kiss it. Looks like you're gonna have to get people excited about FB in your neck of the woods!

Randroid said...

I'm trying!!

My plan is to get people into the game In July/August and then start up some kind of escalation league around Sept or so to get people going.

MikeD said...

Any idea on the New Starter box? ...Those always work. Now I want to re-work my lists to the percentages...hmm, the fast reform is nice. I can use that plenty.

Randroid said...

No specifics yet ... just a name. "Island of Blood"

Probably High Elves and Skaven?

MikeD said...

But, the question I have is two Fold...Does Jesus Get march blocked, or is he immune to the necessary Leadership check? And as a Level 4 wizard, If he gets irresistible force will the Beergut Tribe switch to drinking wine?