Sunday, June 27, 2010

Progress report 6/27/10 - trees, folks, and fun?!

You may be wondering, "What happened to Randroid this time around? Why isn't he updating his blog with funny and insightful posts that inspire and impress me every time I read them?" Well... the only thing I can say is...  June!!!?

A short list of the things that have occurred over the past couple weeks:

- Went on a work related trip to Bloomington, IN for a few days. Learned that there is at least one place in Indiana which is not completely horrible, drank a lot with co-workers and new friends, and learned a couple things pertaining to my job.

- Went on another work related trip to St. Paul, MN for a few more days. Drank some excellent local brews, had the chance to drink some Odell's on tap in a state closer than Colorado, remembered how much I hate sleeping on vinyl covered mattresses, and learned a few more things pertaining to my job.

- Had a half dead tree near my back porch fall over and on to my house during a rough storm that swept through Michigan while I was out of town. Spent a few days stressing (and not in my house) and being very nervous as I watched the tree lean closer and closer to my room full of models, paints, computer equipment, etc. The tree was eventually cut down and no major damage to the house was done - however; in cutting down the tree my house was filled with sawdust (all over my models especially) due to the windows being open in my rooms. Fun?!

So that is what has been occupying my time for the past few weeks. Even during all of that I did manage to get a little bit of hobby related stuff accomplished:

- Played my first 3 full games of Blood Bowl in KUBBL I. Lost my first against the Maynooth Gits because I completely forgot I could throw my players around, tied the second game against last season's champs the Blitzburgh Stealers when I could have won the game had I not forgotten to use my wizard, and lost my last game against the Ikea Spartans when I couldn't manage to down anyone on a team full of dudes with Block. Feeling a little bummed out by the situation but I am still learning how to play the game and my team is evolving. Once I can afford to buy one or two more Ogres for my team I think things will be a bit different.
- Got a bit of painting done on my BB team and "finished" my first test model - the fearsome Stinkfinger: Gnoblar superstar and all around bad ass stunty dude. Here is a quick pic of the model:

"Trow me ova dare!!"

Now I am headed off to the game store to get in some WHFB 7th edition action and hopefully a bit of time with the new rulebook as well. Either way, we'll soon be knee deep in new fantasy battles and rules in just a few more days!! I am really excited to see how my two armies will change in both build and playstyle with the new edition - how are you feeling about the situation?

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