Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Progress report - 5/12/10.

Oi! Look at this poor neglected blog! No pictures, no updates, no modelin' and what a sad lack of drinkin' related posts!! Something must be done...

Not a lot of WHFB in my life at the moment. Spent last weekend smashing things with a sledgehammer and avoiding a variety of spinning blades while helping my "in-laws" prep their summer garden. Also went to the local farmer's market, had some breakfast at one of my favorite diners, and spent some time playing board games (Pandemic and Small World) and Left 4 Dead 2, but no games of Warhammer...

I did manage to assemble (and complete some minor greenstuff work for) my first Warrior/Chosen for the Malal themed force, although I have not begun to paint him yet (need more paint). There is also one Beastman/Marauder I am in the process of painting, hopefully I will have some pictures of that up here soon for everyone to look at.

Also spent some time writing Vampire Counts army lists for the upcoming Bell of Lost Souls convention in Austin, TX later this summer. I have a couple lists in mind but I need to get some practice games in before I really commit to one over the other. Perhaps a poll here on the blog would help me decide which way to go? I don't expect to win the whole thing, I just need a good reason to "finish" my VC army before I really dive into the Malal WoC army, and I have a lot of models... so...

Yup. Life here has been pretty busy, mostly with social pursuits outside of Warhammer, although I am hoping to get some games in this weekend ... who knows!? Maybe I will even put up a battle report or two if the games are interesting enough?!

In the meantime... something that has been severely lacking from this blog as of late - BEER!

Lagunitas Brewing Company - Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Ale

Beer Type: American Double / Imperial IPA

Appearance: 22 oz. brown bottle with a green label that pictures a farm. Beer poured a medium golden color with a short head that hung around.

Smell: Hops. Lots of hops. Something else comes through too .. perhaps grapefruit or some other citrus.

First Drink: Hops in the front, followed by sweet malt, grapefruit, and some bitter pine flavors.

Mouthfeel: Crisp and a little oily (probably the hops). Not too much carbonation, seems just right.

Last Drink: A lot more bitterness from the hops as this beer warms up. I am getting a lot more pine flavors now.

Drinkability: Well this is a pickle. I love this brewery, and I am growing to love IPAs, but the pine flavors in this brew are a bit much for me. It isn't bad but I wish the flavor was just a little more mellow.

Notes: This beer was given to me by an ex-coworker! Ah the days when people brought me free beer...

Verdict: 3.75 out of 5. Well crafted but not really my favorite (I like their regular IPA better).

Links: Beer Advocate and Lagunitas Brewing Company.


Dhinanta Aloke said...

Pandemic? Small World? L4D2? Shame you live so far away...

A lot of my Warhammer internets have slowed WAY down lately. I imagine it will all explode soon enough when 8th Edition comes out :)

Randroid said...

I have plenty of interest in playing I just don't have anyone to play with!

In a pinch I get my fix from boardgames ...