Friday, May 21, 2010

Blood bowl?!

Still haven't spent any additional time painting, modeling, or playing WHFB. The "fantasy day" at the local game store went kaput as the store is no longer open on Sundays. Sad times for my fantasy addiction. 

But!! Earlier this week I was contacted by one of the Kalamazoo Ultimate Blood Bowl League with this:

"We started a new blood bowl league in Kzoo, and wondered if you’d be interested in joining us.  I see you are also a fan of beer….good beer that is.  I am a brewer and so are at least two of our other players.  Here is our site, and we definitely want some good coaches playing and good looking models too."
How could I resist something like this!? Beer?! Nerds?! Blood bowl?! I immediately sent a response of "Hell yeah!" and went out to the local league meeting on Wednesday night. After observing the game, and stumbling my way through half a match, I had signed up for the league and become a Blood Bowl coach... but I still didn't have a team. 

Enter the Ogres! I've decided to model and paint myself an Ogre Blood Bowl team for entry in the new season of the league (which begins in just two weeks) and I am getting started on them tonight! I can't wait to see these big guys on the field, and hopefully I will manage to crush and kill a few star players and maybe even win a game or two in the process. 

Stay tuned for more details in the coming days...


Tristan said...

Blood Bowl is amazing, enjoy! Be sure to post up about building your team.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, I hope you have fun with it!!

Randroid said...

Any suggestions on my Ogre roster from more experienced players?

Tristan said...

Ogres are an extremely tough team to play - your snotlings having S1 means any normal (non-stunty) player will get 3 dice blocks against them - be sure to use side step to good effect. Your ogres are bone-heads which means they can fail you at crucial times, I would not start with less than 3 rerolls.

Are you doing a standard 1M gold staring team or any special rules (more $$, buy skills, etc.)?

Tristan said...

Check out the Ogre playbook here

Randroid said...

Standard league starting salary but there are a couple of house rules:

- Each team has a "captain" which gets to roll on for a skill before the season starts.

- Big guys can remove negative skills on the roll of a double (meaning I could actually lose boneheaded on some of my Ogres).

Thanks for the link to the playbook. I've been reading up a bit and I don't know that the author of that playbook really fits my style. I don't really care if I win or lose, just want to learn the game, have fun, and smash the crap out of my opponent's players.

Kuffeh said...

Sounds good dude. Blood Bowl is a fun game, and for smashing heads then ogres fits that bill well. You will just have to be wary about the bonehead situations. It will be guaranteed that when you need that all important blitz the player will fail his bonehead roll.

I find this site very useful:

It has lots of stuff, including uses for special skills. Quite handy.

timbo said...

does anyone remember the sega game Mutant League Football? best game ever, and this looks as awesome

Randroid said...

It is very much like Mutant League Football in a way ... in fact I would say EA probably borrowed heavily from Blood Bowl for their game.

Wish they would make a new one though!