Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ogre Kingdoms - Basics for Beginners: Special

A continuation of my Basics for Beginners articles which were written back in December of last year - this one dealing with the Special choices for the Ogre Kingdoms. I would be interested to hear other opinions about these choices but I have to say I am pretty set in my ways when it comes to the OK Special selections.

Ogre Kingdoms - Basics for Beginners: Special

Leadbelchers: Bulls with cannons. Typical unit size is the minimum of 2.
Strengths - These guys have the potential to kill a lot of stuff. They tend to scare off fast movers and are good at protecting/negating flank options. Depending on where/who you play with you may be able to scare less savvy players with the potential high damage but most veteran players will see through that. With their smaller unit size of 2 they are some of the best flankers available in the OK army.
Weaknesses - They are 20 points more then Bulls, can only fire every other turn (at best), have to roll for number of shots (risking a misfire), roll to actually hit (at a crappy range with a mediocre BS), and then actually wound something (at only AP -2). Plenty of chances for something to go wrong (and it often does).
Upgrades - If you want to spend more on your Leadbelcher units get a Bellower. If you flee (after shooting) a charge you get the +1 to your rally and the turn you stand there doing nothing after your rally allows you to reload. Yay? Some will advice taking Champions in these units as they cost less but I have not seen the value of this yet.

Yhetees: Similar to Bulls in their stats, these guys are your surprise attackers. Typical unit size is the minimum of 3.
Strengths - They have a lot of movement, can run through the woods, have magic attacks, higher strength, and are slightly harder to hit in close combat.
Weaknesses - Very expensive with fairly average combat stats. Be careful what you throw these at as they tend to be a "glass cannon".
Upgrades - Don't bother with the Champion, the extra attack is not worth it.

Gnoblar Scraplauncher: A strange Gnoblar contraption that has the threat of a lot of damage, but is fairly unpredictable.
Strengths - Large blast template with Killing Blow is nothing to sneeze at assuming you are good at range guesses and lucky with artillery die. Most people don't expect the killing power of the angry rhinox pulling the thing when it charges into their flanks. Has a decent amount of CC ability for a warmachine crewed by Gnoblars.
Weaknesses - Random chance ahoy! Even the misfire chart has the possibility of letting your opponent target your units and blast away. It is a chariot as well so keep it out of S7 hit-land unless you want to see it explode! Taking multiple Scraplaunchers can also be a weakness as it requires additional units of Gnoblars and Bulls to make it legal.

And that covers it for the Special choices! Lately I have been using the Scraplauncher to great success but I find when it comes to the Special choice it is really a love/hate relationship with these units for most OK generals. Pick one or two units you like and stick with them! In the next update I will go over the Rare choices available to OK players.

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