Sunday, October 19, 2008

Progress Report - 10/19/08.

Work, work. I spent the past week or so putting together my 1000 point Slayer Army before playing it against MikeyD's Greenskins last Tuesday. There were some high (and low) points to the game, but I did not do a good job of tracking the events that took place so I will spare you a rambling recap (this time). Long story short, the Slayers got shot to bits and managed to squeeze out a Draw from the game.

That game was a test to see which army I would run in my group's current 500 point "Paint and Play" campaign that I am running. The idea is to work together to get our WHFB armies under way and hopefully have a fun, fluffy, and painted army by the end of the campaign. We are starting at 500 points and are working our way up (maybe to 2000 or 2250) from there.

I am setting goals for all of the competitors which will award points. These are in addition to the points which can be won for painting the models in the army, and points awarded in games played. Our first set of campaign matches will take place this week on Tuesday, with more to follow until we are done. My first matchup is with the new Warriors of Chaos list, a Nurgle force led by a Chaos Sorcerer. Should be a good test for the Beer Gut Tribe!

I got my force together this week and here is what I will be using in this "all comers" type campaign.
Butcher @ 155
- Bangstick

Bulls x 3 @ 105

Ironguts x 4 @ 192

Gnoblar Trappers x 8 @ 48

Total Points: 500 (of 500)
The Butcher can normally only be the Army General under the Warbands rules but my fellow gamers felt the OK book had enough list restrictions and allowed me to use him. It is a pretty basic set up, but then again most lists are this way for the Ogre Kingdoms at sub 1000 points.

In preparation for the games and painting I primed the models I need for this list today. Overall they turned out well, but I certainly could have done better. I may have applied too much primer to the Butcher and lost some of the details I spent so long sculpting on his apron. Oh well, better luck next time I guess!

I will be adding some "fluff" and other backstory for this group in the coming weeks, partly so I can meet the goals I set for the group and earn some bonus points!

I should have some more painting and in progress pictures to post soon. Time to ruin all my hard work with my shoddy painting skills! I leave you with a cruddy shot of my work space. This is where I put together all of my models. It is also the space I use for all of my music projects which is a little frustrating as I have to switch back and forth depending on what I want to work on. Hopefully I can make myself a better work space soon, or at least get a few more lights!

Until next time, see if you can find any lurid details of my life from this picture (hint: the trash holds secrets untold).

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