Monday, September 22, 2008

Progress Report - 9/22/08.

Negate. Negating. Negated.

ne·gate [ni-geyt, neg-eyt], verb, -gat·ed, -gat·ing.

–verb (used with object) deny the existence, evidence, or truth of: an investigation tending to negate any supernatural influences. nullify or cause to be ineffective: Progress on the study has been negated by the lack of funds.

I have been negating this gnoblog! This gnoblog has been negated!

Two factors have come into play against my "regular" postings (aside from the usual life stuff like eating, working, drinking ... oh wait that part is covered here).

1. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. First it was the Preview Weekend, followed by the Preview Weekend+, quickly challenged by the might of the Open Beta, which led directly into the Headstart Program for the Collector's Edition (which is a mighty fine box of game if you have not seen it yet).
2. Actually, there wasn't really a second thing.

In my time away from the Beer Gut Tribe I have looked into creating a 40K Witch Hunters army, a Gnoblar Horde list, a Ulric themed Empire army, and I am still in the process of putting together Slayers for my Slayer Army. But alas, my time with the BGT has been woefully slim.

No longer! I have an epic update chock full of poorly lit and photographed pictures for all of you still stumbling upon this blog! These "riches" are yours to do with what you will. Without further rambling from me ...

First up is my Gorger. I have had this fellow for awhile, but I just recently got around to green stuff'n his MASSIVE GAPS. I took that time to construct a weedy little snack from the Giant sprue, which is directly under his foot. A simple conversion that turned out pretty good. It will look "better" when it is painted of course. Apologies for the shoddy lighting ...

Next up we have my Hunter. This is another Ogre who was sitting around for quite some time, waiting for some green stuff TLC for himself and his kitties. I posed his club a bit different from the other Hunters I have seen out there, which makes him harder to rank up in the "normal" pose. I like the way he looks though, almost more menacing this way?

Here is his "arty" profile shot (warning: nothing "arty" about this shot).

Next up, my Paymaster Maneater who is currently filling the role of my Bruiser. I need to get some real Tyrant/Bruiser models or craft my own, but I keep putting it off (haven't gotten past 1000 points yet). Nothing special here, just show and tell.

Okay, now we are getting to the better stuff. Here are my three Yhetees. I am still not totally sold on this unit, and I was having difficulty fitting them into the "fluff" (theme) for the Beer Gut Tribe. I decided they needed to be drunks. There, that wasn't so hard now was it!?

Basically the BGT heads into the mountains and recruits these "rednecks" who only care about 2 things: DRINKIN' and FIGHTIN' (the BGT cares about 3 things, they like money too). They bring with them all of the nastiest, skunkiest beer and liquor they have, and give it to the Yhetees in return for their help in combat.

Its a pretty good deal for everyone involved! Here you can see the middle Yhetee with his cask of ale (they are very protective of their swill, to the victor goes the spoils!).

And last, but far from least, we have the new and improved Bangstick Butcher!

I was unhappy with my initial attempt at converting this fellow, so I attacked him yet again to practice my green stuff'n, and to make him look better. I grafted on one of the extra arms from my Butcher model (which I haven't completed), and made him a new apron (with a sort of Leatherface/stitched together vibe).

Overall I am quite happy with the results. I am still learning about green stuff, and I did a much better job of keeping my fingerprints off the finished product (although I can see some on those pictures, gah!).

And that is all I have for today! The Beer Gut Tribe will be going up against the cowardly Skaven for the first time tomorrow, so there should be another update very soon (assuming WAR doesn't suck away my soul). Until next time ...

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