Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Battle Report: Beer Gut Tribe vs. Warriors of Chaos 9/4/08.

I'm sorry gnoblog. I lied to you. I said I would post some pictures of my works in progress in this next entry. I had every intention of doing so, I even spent several hours over the long weekend working on my models! Sadly, I can't find my digital camera. It is around here somewhere and I hope to have it located soon. My next entry will have pictures, honest!

In the meantime I have a short update and a not particularly robust Battle Report from my game against Warrior of Chaos (aka DANNY) Tuesday evening.

First .... THE LIST!
Bruiser @ 177
- Great Weapon
- Heavy Armor
- Brahmir Statue
- Fistful of Laurels

Butcher @ 155
- Skullmantle

Butcher @ 150
- Bangstick

Bulls x 3 @ 115
- Bellower

Ironguts x 3 @ 154
- Bellower

Ironguts x 3 @ 154
- Bellower

Gnobs x 20 @ 40

Gnobs x 20 @ 40

Without my camera I wasn't able to get any pictures of the game, but here is a very basic MS Paint version of the map terrain and unit deployment.

I deployed my units in a staggered formation with the bait units in the front and the heavy hitters in the back. My goal was to flee from any charges DANNY might make on the Gnoblars and Bulls, setting me up for a front and flank charge in response. That sort of worked out, but not quite as I was hoping.

Turn 1 Short Thoughts Recap!

DANNY won the first turn. He marched forward with his infantry blocks and rolled up with his chariot. Meanwhile the cav moved into a "hey, I am in your flank" position. The Beer Gut Tribe (BGT for short) sent the Gnoblars rushing in. Bulls marched 12" up the right, between the rock formation and a hill. Irongut units moved up just enough to cast Gut magic (GM). Offensive GM killed 2 marauders, and defensive GM buffed the two in range Ogre units.

Turn 2 Lets See What I Can Remember Collection!

DANNY delcared a charge with his horseys into the first Gnob unit. They flee 12" behind the Ogre lines and near the table edge. The horseys fail their charge and sit helplessly in the field. Remaining units move up into a turn 3 charge range. BGT moves the Bulls into a flank position on the Marauders, while the Irongut units stay put and blast away with GM. A few more dead warriors, and the main unit passes their first Ld roll at a -4. Gnoblars throw sharp stuff and kill 1 marauder. The other Gnoblar unit rallies and turns around to face the enemy. Hah!

Turn 3 Is Where It Starts To Get Fuzzy Ideas!

DANNY charges the the other Gnoblars (2) with his Chariot and Marauders. They flee, causing the charge to fail. Both units roll to a stop outside of the Gnoblars, leaving the Marauders wide open to a flank charge from the Bulls. The horseys move further down the edge of the flank to line up with the large Ironguts unit. BGT strikes back by charging the Marauders from the front and flank. They lose combat and start to run. Bulls pursue while the Ironguts and Butcher hang back. The Warrior block is forced to flee with a Brainrobbler, running backwards 7" towards the trees. Gnoblars move up to cover the command unit's flank and intercept the horse charge.

Turn 4 Ah Hell, I Am Just Making Stuff Up Storytime!

DANNY fails to rally his Warriors, and charges the Gnobs (1) with his horseys. The Gnobs flee, leaving the horseys standing directly in front of the control unit full of big (hungry) Ogres. Mmmm .. horsemeat! Meanwhile the Marauders keep running for the table edge and the Chariot slams into the Gnoblars on the right (2), killing them in a pursuit off the table edge. The BGT runs over and eats the horses while the Bulls chase the Marauders off the map.

Turn 5 It Is Kind Of Scary How Much Of This I Remember Flashback!

DANNY rallies his Warriors and turns to face the oncoming Ogre horde! The BGT sends the remaining Gnoblars to face the returning Chariot, putting themselves in front of it and throwing rocks (dealing 1 wound). GM takes off a few more Warriors.

Turn 6 Is When The Game Ends Prophecy!

Danny runs over and kills the remaining Gnoblars, while the Warriors move up and into a better position to take the encroaching Ogre Bull charge. BGT rushes the Warriors who manage to pass 3 consecutive Fear tests (including the one at -4) and hold their ground. Close combat ensues, but the large control unit falls 1/2" short of the charge and is left out of the flank. The Butcher and Ironguts kill the Warrior's Chosen (and army general) while the Bulls manage a few wounds of their own. The BGT almost lose the combat by 2 points, but win and chase down the warriors in their pursuit.

And that was the game! The final outcome was ....

A MASSACRE! (1600 points BGT, 80 points Warriors of Chaos)

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