Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dog Bowl IV - Done and dog gone.

Last week was Dog Bowl IV at Marmalade Dog! I brought out the Ogres for fun. Roster was:

4 x Ogres - Block, Guard
4 x Snotlings - Diving Tackle
8 x Snotlings
Bloodweiser Babe
5 x Rerolls

First game the Ogres came out swinging and pummeled Fejwe's all Skink team on the way to a 2-1 victory. Play of the game: Snotling stomped on a Kroxigor's head and killed him on turn 4 of the first half. Way to go!!

Only one Skink (hidden from view here behind the middle Ogre) between us and victory!!
Skinks get a little  help from the Marmalade Dog on the kick off... ouch! 
Second game was the beginning of the classic slump to the finish against Whigwham's Nurgle team. It was a great game and Whigwham and I have a bit of history going back now. Though he once used to fear the power of the Ogres he has since learned they can roll plenty of bad dice on the way to the finish. Lost the game but had one amazing play: Snotling dodged out of the Beast of Nurgle's tentacles, through 4 more tackle zones, and made to GFI to 3 die uphill block the Pestigor ball carrier just outside of the endzone. VICTORY!!! Until they picked the ball back up and scored of course! 

What would you do!?
MVS - Most Valuable Snotling!!! 
Third game was the final loss of the day but another great game versus Hippest Hippo's Humans. It wasn't much of a game on the Ogre side but the Humans managed to kill a Snotling with every block for about the first 8 turns of the game. This ended up catapulting Hippo's Humans right to the most cas award for the event! Even if we didn't win it the Ogres were happy to see so many smeared Snotlings on the pitch. 

Just outside of the end zone our Ogre ball carrier finally got knocked down.
Another great year for the Dog Bowl. Massive thanks to Furry for running this thing so I can get three fun games of Bloodbowl in without having to drive across the midwest! Be sure to check out the KUBBL blog for a detailed rundown on the winners (and lots of terrible photos of me).

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