Friday, January 9, 2015

Progress Report 1/9/15 - A new year begins.

Well here we are in 2015. The future? It doesn't feel like anything has changed dramatically. I realized I am going into my 8th year of this blog and this hobby. Don't have a lot to show for it on the painted model front but I will always have the memories (thanks to the blog posts). 

Started the year off painting in my living quarters (aka a hotel room) a bit. Not easy and probably not something I will continue to do in the remaining month or so of my time away from home. I did manage to get some skin painting done of my Deadzone plague minis though.

Going with a neon green/bright pink kind of infection look. The rest of the outfits will be dark greys/blacks/whites and maybe a little prison orange. Also spent a bit of time working on my Undead Mordheim warband with additions to the Vampire leader. Still need a name and backstory for this fellow but I am thinking it is something like the Cursed Company. He isn't too happy about being a vampiric undead warrior but he makes the best of it by going out and merc'n it up.

Also managed to get into a start up game of Risk Legacy and played a few games of that. Expect some kind of battle/game reports for that coming up soon. In the meantime... stay warm and keep painting!! 


Mattias Darrow said...

Hmm that vampire looks cursed indeed. Pacted with the wrong demon perhaps? Dabbled in Majicks that were too blakk? Or as a child was given as an offering to a greater vampire in exchange for his home-village's safety?

An inspiring figure!

Randroid said...

Hmm those are all intriguing ideas. He certainly fell in with the "wrong crowd"