Friday, December 26, 2014

Beer Review - Bell's Kalamazoo IPA.

Bell's Brewing Company - Kalamazoo IPA

Beer Type: American IPA - 6.00% ABV

Appearance: 22 brown bottle with a photo of the tower at the Kalamazoo State Hospital on it. There were a few other label choices but this is the one that screams KALAMAZOO to me so I snagged it. Beer poured an orange/amber color with a thin off white head and no real lacing.     

Smell: Not a lot going on? Caramel malt and just a faint aroma of hops.        

First Drink: A little citrus or other fruit up front followed by a strange combination of hop bitterness that reminded me of rusty metal. 

Mouthfeel: Pretty light for an IPA, especially after some of the doubles I have been drinking, but the carbonation has a bit of bite.   

Last Drink: A little more pine and grassy flavors coming though in the hops now but nothing remarkable.         

Drinkability: First time I have seen this brew and I was super stoked to see this IPA with my hometown's name in it. Not sure I will be so excited the next time.        

Notes: This beer uses "crystal malt" and I expected more toffee/sweet flavors to come through due to that.       

Verdict: 3 out of 5. Just okay and not worthy of the name in my opinion. Kalamazoo is far better. Perhaps Two Hearted is the real Kalamazoo IPA?

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