Monday, March 26, 2012

Progress Report 3/26/12 - March I hardly knew you.

Perhaps I should change the name of this blog to Workin' and Drinkin' because that's all I seem to have done in the month of March. Only two projects on my table and neither have gotten much attention. The first is my "skinks" which are just... not going anywhere. The second is a new team project of all Zombies (although I hope to model them for use as a Human team too) for this year's Zlurpee Bowl. Photographic evidence of my slack below:

I also started... another blog!? This one is an extension for my metal listening and thinking. It's named after a radio show I used to do... called the Grind. I inherited the name and the show from some friends who started it and it ran for several years before I moved away from Ann Arbor and WCBN where it was on the air. No huge plans for it. Just a post of a roughly two hour mix each month, and random posts about whatever I happen to be listening to or thinking about. If you are interested in metal or just like checking out mixes of music, be sure to stop by the Grind blog and see what you think.

Speaking of metal, I attended Headbanger's Ball II this past Saturday and got my ass handed to me in four games. I played Undead and thought I had a pretty decent roster. Build was 1,100 and every position got a free skill, and skills could be duplicated any number of times. Here's what I had:

Mummies x 2 - 240 (Stand Firm, Break Tackle)
Wights x 2 - 180 (Guard x 2)
Ghouls x 4 - 280 (Block x 2, Wrestle x 2)
Zombies x 3 - 120 (Block x 3)
Skeletons x 2 - 80 (Kick, Dirty Player)
Rerolls x 2 - 140
Iron Maiden - 60
Total Roster: 1100

I haven't played much BB in the past month or so and it showed in my games. Highlights for the tournament included letting a Nurgle coach score on me on Turn 3 of a half, playing a Dwarf team where every player had Stand Firm, and squeaking out a tie in my first game against a Vampire team. I need to get back on the pitch and remember how to play... all day I wished I had just brought my Ogre roster instead.

Alright! I did as good as the Halfling coach!
All in all it was still a fun tournament, and I love metal so you know I loved the theme. Here's a shot someone grabbed of my game against the first Dwarf team I played (of two that day):

At least my models looked good while getting the crap beat out of them all day? Until next time...

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Paul of the Man Cave said...

Dont worry mate - the dry spells make the productive times even sweeter! HBB looks fun, even if you got hammered - which is what I expect at the upcoming Canberra Cup with my new Khemri team!