Thursday, November 17, 2011

25 worst miniatures ever made?

I just finished the Nagash trilogy from Black Library and that really drives home just how terrible this sculpt is. Here is a list and poll posted by the Chest of Colors about the 25 worst miniatures ever made.

While I don't agree with all the choices (the Kingdom Death models are cool... it's different and I like that) it is still an enjoyable read. Had me thinking... what makes a good model?


Mr Saturday said...

Nagash is one of my favourite warhammer characters. I enjoyed the trilogy too. But this model....this...MODEL.

It's got to be the single worst Games Workshop model ever released. I happen to have one, somehow, so I've been able to give it a close-up look though you could see this model coming from space. Badly proportioned, ridiculously visualised and generally garbage. I mean, that hat. I don't use the word hate often, but I hate this model.

The Antipope said...

I think they went for a lot of sexual innuendos there rather than judging just the quality of the models.

And no worst model list is ever complete without the Razorgore!

Mahon @ said...

Oh, thanks for mentioning the list here. I hope you got the idea that the list is not a terribly serious and objective.You know, it's something to be taken with a pinch of salt...

@The Antipope - I hope you noticed that the list is just a collection of candidates submitted by our readers. The judging is still taking place, and only after the voting we will know what people really consider bad models. Probably some of them were chosen because of the concepts, which the submitters found bad or offensive.

Wait a few days and we'll know the results soon!

The Antipope said...

That's what I mean, you went rather for the laughs than an objective and strict judgment of models. Some of the entries made me giggle.

Randroid said...

It is an interesting subject... and one that has me thinking.

There are plenty of bad entries in the running and I am sure there are more still to be found out there. Perhaps a better poll would be best model?