Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Ogre Kingdoms book information and pics!

New images and info from the new Ogre Kingdoms book due out next month! Found these on the web today... word is the whole book has been leaked to the internet. Here is the latest and greatest:
  • Ogre Magic has been reworked and spellcasting now works the same way as for all wizards. Spells are pretty much similar to what they used to be, except they last until next magic phase and are not RIP.
  • Lore attribute is bloodgruel - on 2+ mage gains 1 wound and +1 to cast for his next spell, on a 1 takes an S6 hit.
  • The signature spell grants stubborn to a unit within 12"/18" (the latter is presumably on a boosted casting)
  • As for other magic, 2d6 2s no save missile, augment giving target +1t or all units wihin 12" +1t with higher roll, panic test spell to all enemy units 18/36", regeneration to unit/all units within 12" with higher roll, small template spell ini test needed if passed 3s hit if not 7s hit d6 wounds it can be changed to large template with higher roll needed.
  • Ogre mages can take great maw, death, heavens and beasts magic.
  • New mage model is the firebelly, who uses lore of fire, can be upgraded to lvl 2 for the standard price of a wizard upgrade, can take a great weapon or extra hand weapon and has S4 breath attack, flaming attacks and 4+ ward vs fire.
Magic items and big names:
  • Big names still there and come out of magic item allowance. Didn't get changed that much from what you currently have. Best one is probably giantbreaker - doesn't require giant in the army - for the cost of dispel scroll model can't refuse challenges or flee but gets +1S.
  • Magic items are few and generally meh compared with common items. Most interesting item is hellheart, which causes a miscast in all enemy mages within 5xD6" at the beginning of enemy magic phase - one use only, costs 2 scrolls.
  • Thundermace (asl, +2s 2h weapon), or thundercrush attack instead, small template model in the centre hit with 9s d3 wound, rest hit with 3s.
  • Siegebreaker (asl, +2s 2h weapon) roll to hit against ini or siegebreaker attack d6 hits with str equal to height of the building up to 10.
  • Rune maw rules I think are the same as in last book (I dont see its max range use but i think this will be faq'd).
  • Dragonhide banner same stats as in last book + can be used as breath weapon with 3s.
  • Core units now include ironguts at 43 points, and with all command models costed at +10 points (which is same across the book).
  • Special units got a lot of changes, leadbelchers will now fire D6 shots every turn, no misfires, and are move and fire with no penalty for moving.
  • Sabertusk, 1-10 unit size. Each one has 3 S4 attacks, so aside from being the redirector of your dreams, it can sometimes work as a mage assassin. One costs slightly more than 4 halberdiers. T4 and two wounds.
  • They can't use general's leadership or battle standard re-roll, and their own LD is 4 - and can only be joined by a Hunter - so I would say they will only come in two unit sizes - 1 or 10+hunter. This second option is not so bad - the unit will cost you some 350 points, but it has vanguard, swiftstride, and 30 S4 WS4 I4 attacks + whatever the hunter brings.
  • Maneaters basically choose two special rules (you cannot chose the same special rule for two units) from a group of 8 - including poisoned attacks, sniper, stubborn, swiftride, strider, vanguard, itp, scout.
  • Mournfang cavalry is the new heavy cav, with a lot of options (potentially a 2+ armour save), tons of attacks and a price tag that is in the vicinity of a bloodcrusher, depending on what armour/weapons you take. 3 wounds, D3 impact hits and a total of 7 attacks per model make them somewhat fearsome.
  • Gorger is now special and gets a bit more expensive, but loses the rule by which it had to end movement closer to an enemy unit. It does have frenzy, unbreakable, killing blow and ambusher special rules.
  • Scraplauncher is rare and similar to what it does now (S3 KB catapult).
  • Ironblaster is an empire cannon with horrible fluff and a pretty unpleasant misfire chart. S10 grapeshot and a special rule that allows you to roll two dice for bounce and chose the highest, even if one is a misfire.
  • The two mammoth-like critters are... the stonehorn, which can have a mounted harpoon launcher (S6 D3 wounds 36" bolt thrower that doesn't penetrate ranks and is move and fire if mounted), 4+ armour save, does a lot of S6 impact hits on the charge, has dragon-like stats (but lower WS, Ld and initiative), M7, 4+ armour save and a special rule which halves the damage from all multiple-wound weapons that hit it.
  • ...and the thundertusk, which is a support version of the above - has a mounted catapult that doesn't get hurt in any way by misfires, a harpoon and a 12" S6 KB weapon (chaintrap) - 3 weapons on its back, and gives all enemy models within 6" ASL. The tradeoff is - no impact hits and one less attack.
  • A stonehorn can also be the mount for a hunter.
  • Clubs are hand weapons now.
  • Bull charge - no info about needing 6" to charge but when calculating charge range if you roll 10 or more there is d3 impacts rather than 1.
  • Giant is now stubborn!
  • If stonehorn makes sucesfull charge he makes 3d3 impacts(instead of his normal attacks) +1 for each dice if charge roll was higher than 10.
  • Trappers is an upgrade for normal gnobbies @25pts it makes every model in a unit that charges them take a dangerous terrain test.
Special Characters:
  • Golfgag is a hero with 5a he can take 2d6x10p magic items, if golfgag joins maneaters they have always stubborn and vanguard rules from been there done that special rule.
  • Bragg is 4a hero with heroic killing blow rule in challenges if he slays challenger enemy unit he was in it is disrupted for the rest of the turn.
Great stuff here! Can't wait for the new book to come out so I can start playing with some of this nasty stuff! It sounds like almost every unit got a lot better. HAH!!


Fnurgn said...

Oh my...nasty indeed :)

John M said...

Oh very nice - and the cover art looks fantastic.

Always wanted a 3rd army and the new books give you so much to choice from

Sigmar said...

Brilliant, thanks for sharing this Randroid. I'll have to mention the news snippets on the Battle Reporter blog sometime but I'll just pick a few and point everyone in your direction for the rest.

PS. this is one of the best named special rules ever... "been there done that". LOL, I love it.


Sigmar said...

BTW, this news is just crossing (just found out on Facebook) :-

new Ogre Kingdom characters / individuals