Sunday, May 8, 2011

Progress Report 5/8/11 - Getting ready for Special K.

Only 24 days until I open a new store... the co-operative grocery where I work is expanding to a larger building. It's all very crazy, and busy, which is still keeping me away from my painting and modeling time. I have managed to get a few tabletop games of Blood Bowl in for KUBBL. Our 4th season is wrapping up and the playoffs start next week. The Hooded Menace is going in as a #3 seed. My season overall has been a lot of ups and downs. We'll see how I can deal with the heavy hitters of the playoffs...

This weekend's small bit of hobby time was devoted to two things related to our first league run Blood Bowl tournament - the Special K Cup. That meant I needed to make up a roster, and also find time to finish off the trophies for first and last place - a nice shiny bowl for first, and a wooden bowl for last.

I painted the wooden bowl in a more shoddy manner as to reflect it's nature as the last place award. The first place award was all done freehand but the paint I am using is really ghastly. I did an "okay" job. It looks nice from a distance of up to 2-3 feet but up close you can see it's a bit rough around the edges. I may still add a thin layer of varnish to seal it and smooth out some of the rough bits. 

For the tournament I am bringing my Nurgle back out. The rules allow for so much roster I was able to fit in a start player on top of my full complement of Warriors, Beast, and Pestigors. Thus, a hastily built Max Spleenripper was born!

He's supposed to be a Chaos Warrior with a chainsaw. I wanted him to look a bit dessicated and crazy to fit right into my Nurgle team. There will be plenty of gore on the chainsaw, along with the sliced off human head laying at his feet. I skipped the "pointy hat" and gave him a crazy beard instead. I'm pretty happy with the results as I slapped this together with some bits and a little greenstuff (mostly on the chainsaw) in just under 15 minutes. I also built some turn/reroll markers for the Nurgle folks.

And that's it for now! Look for some painted pics later this week. Be sure and call your mum today!!


Anonymous said...

Nice Spleenripper, especially for a 15 minute job.

I can spot the zombie head, but where is the chainsaw from? Is it a 40k piece?

Randroid said...


The head is from a LoTR Army of the Dead figure but does look a bit zombie-like.

The chainsaw is the blade and little bit of mechanical parts from a 40k Ork sprue with a bunch of added stuff to flesh it out.