Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vampire Counts Warband - Is this too much?

One of the FLGS is starting an escalation league next month. I have joined with my Vampire Counts in the hope of getting more models painted before I move (always helps to have some impetus).

The first part of the league is a 500 point Warband (using the Warband rules) and I have created a list I am considering playing. My question to those reading - is this too much? Am I being a bit of a prick by bringing the Wraiths?

Are you ready for the bad touch?
Vampire - Lord of the Dead, Biting Blade, Flayed Hauberk (145)

Vampire lives in the unit of Skeleton Warriors and spams Invocation of Nehek to raise more Skeletons with his 3 power dice and +1 to cast. I gave him the 2+ armor save and -1 AP magic sword just in case he does manage to get into CC. My original build was a bit nastier but I had to squeeze in under the 150pt limit for Warbands.

Skeleton Warriors x 10 - Musician, Standard, Champion, Banner of the Dead Legion (125)
Zombies x 20 (80)

Zombies tarpit and guard my flank. Skeleton's have the double US banner to ensure I get the outnumber from Fear but that is only really useful once I have raised more Skeletons in the unit. I am considering dropping it for a Warbanner, or I could add a Banshee to the Wraith unit.

Cairn Wraith x 3 (150)

"Like bringing a bazooka to a knife fight" is what I called the Wraith unit when someone played them against me at 500pts. I think there will be enough things to deal with them on the table that they won't be as devastating as the might be, but it is still a rather nasty surprise for most players. Without Van Hel's to back them up they become substantially less powerful.

Total Points: 500 (of 500)
Overall I am happy with this list and it is made up almost entirely of models I still have to paint (which is the point). I'm aiming to have this done for the first week of January. Time to break out the brushes and get to work!


John@Plastic Legions said...

I've been screwing around with these two because of the Warband tourney at Adepticon I want to do..I've changed my list several times specifically to deal with Cairn Wraiths..who a major pain in a normal game are nightmare for Empire at 500 points

my list
Captain, Heavy Armor, Sword of Striking, Pistol (75)
Wizard (Wizards Staff (75)
24 Free Company (full command)(140)
10 Huntsmen (scouts) (100)
10 Handgunners Champ with HLR (105)

Wizard and Captain and with the Free Company..Captain hits on 2's Str 4, the Free Company guys are 2 attacks each, 3 for the champ. Static res is +4 (+5 with outnumber)..Basically I'd have my scouts start thinning your skeletons right away march blocking you forcing your Wraiths to deal with them, meanwhile the longrifle is trying to shoot your Vamp everyturn (need a 5 to hit no look out sir) making them your next target or keep taking handgun fire on your rank and wizard can throw a 3 die fireball with the I try to burn the wraiths up..I'll try to force close combat when your weak and cant outnumber..hoping static res and captain and the extra attacks can kill of all the skellys..
I Kill the Vamp the wraiths will crumble..
I dont think my lone magic weapon could take them alone, I figure if you rush my block with the wraiths, I'll have my wizard leave the unit before you charge, once engaged you'll try to kill the captain who'll be hard pressed to survive if you strike first..but since you hit on 4's , you'll need to put two into him...meaning only 3 attacks again hitting on 4's into the rest of the unit.. my +5 static res will hopefully get at least 1-first turn, if I got some wounds on them already a bad dice round..will burn them up with support

By no means a done deal..but it'd be a great game!

best of luck let us know how you do!

Randroid said...

There just aren't a lot of good options for a VC list at 500pts. I could take a Black Knight heavy Wight King list but you lose a lot when you drop magic from the Vamps. I could probably swing a Wight King and Necro list but that still doesn't offer much.

It's risky to take so few Skeletons. If I roll well it will be hard to take down. If I roll poorly they will fall apart to sustained shooting and magic.

Same with the Wraiths (gotta count shooting too with thew new Skaven).

I like your list but I might swap the Free Company for Swordsmen. Of course you would have less then ...

John@Plastic Legions said...

I think your list is solid..I'm just wondering if at 150 points the 3 wraiths are worth it when you could take bigger block of skellys some dogs and bats maybe even squeak in some deal with multiple threats..Wraith rule..but are they enough..

yeah I left guy off there basically 25 free company buys me 20 swordsmen..I figure in a quick and dirty format..who gets the charge is everything..the extra attacks and models over the saves.
If I took a Priest..I definitely take swordsmen (my original plam)
but I have alot harder time dealing with things like Cairn Wraith!..LOL

Randroid said...

Well I am working towards my 2,250 list and the plan was to paint models I would use in that list.

I haven't found a good model for Fell Bats so they are out for the moment. Dags I have and they will certainly be in my next jump up to 750.

Ghouls ... well I know they are seen as the "better" more competitive choice among many VC generals but I made the choice to go with Skeletons a long time ago. I need a reason to paint the remaining 60+ so they are in the list.

I may tinker with a list that doesn't have Wraiths and see what I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth, I think the list is fine. Especially when you frame it as more of an incentive to build up to 2500 points or so, rather than come up with a hard, competitive 500pt list.

folkert said...

Just wondering how your vampire get 3 power dice, he is a lvl 1 wizard so only gets to use 2 PD, IIRC..

Randroid said...

I wasn't referring to his use of dice on one spell.

Level 1 adds 1 dice to the power pool, power pool adds 2 dice for a total of 3 dice.

Invocation can be cast multiple times and Lord of the Dead grants +1 for Skeletons so I would need a 3+ to cast. That allows me to "spam" the spell one 1 dice and hope for a 3!

Randroid said...

Well ... it could be worse. I could be like one of the other VC players and go with something like this list:

Vampire on Nightmare
7 Zombies
6 Zombies
5 Bloodknights w/ Std

Anonymous said...

Wraiths are in the list for a reason, i feel no reason to hold off on bringing them... if they don't take magic items (or static), bully to them