Monday, August 31, 2015

Progress Report 8/31/15 - August come and gone.

I greatly underestimated the amount of my free time I would have left for painting and gaming when starting a new business. Pizzas are selling, plans are moving forward, and life goes on. 

In the wastes though... there are no pizzas. Or are there? 

Got into playing This Is Not A Test by Worlds End Publishing late last month. Only managed to play two games but so far I am really loving it. Imagine if Mordheim/Necromunda had a baby with the Fallout series and add a splash of your favorite post-apoc scenes and you'd be right in that sweet spot that is TNT. Even got the missus to create her own warband and delve into the wastes so you know that has me excited!

Since I haven't managed to play any games of Deadzone since last year I put the terrain to good use as well as some bits I have crafted on my own. Still needs paint and rust but they get the job done. 

Here are a few random shots from the two games I have played with the Skullkrushas (formerly of the Goliath Necromunda gang now representing a Raider warband in TNT). First game was against the Caravaneers of the missus and the second game had me facing a rather scary flamethrower and suicide bombing mess led by a Hangin' Judge. 

First table set up gave the Caravaneers plenty of high ground to shoot from.
Still managed to sneak around and throw a few of them into the rubble.
Second game was a bunch of fanatical Redeemers leading a monster down the road.
They had a ways to go before they could escape safely.
Too bad the Skullkrushas were waiting in ambush to claim the monster for themselves!

Lots of fantastic "cinematic" moments came up in these two games including Krusha my Raider Warlord throwing several opponents into one another and also diving into a broken window to avoid being roasted with a flamethrower. And plenty of mutants. Gotta have mutants. And bombs.

Speaking of things you gotta have... more terrain! This time I raided the pet store (okay I was there to get dog food too but you always gotta be on the lookout for new toys). 
Scully poses next to the spoils of war aka stuff from the Aquarium aisle.
Need to build these up a bit and paint some more but the overall look is pretty solid and they were quite cheap! Pet stores... not just for fake plastic plants anymore. 

On the AoS front I have played nothing. But I did manage to assemble and prime all of my Khorne forces! Hope to get some paint on them soon and maybe even drag them down to the FLGS to get a game or two in. Could give me a good reason to build these two pewter Hellcannons I have.

In the world of Bloodbowl... what is Bloodbowl?? Haven't played a game since Headbangers Ball and missed Zlurpee Bowl due to work. Next up... going to miss Chaos Cup as well!! Truly a shitty year for tournament play. I suppose my opponents will just have to beat someone else this time around. 

Upwards and onwards to September and Fall! My favorite time of year.