Friday, June 22, 2012

Progress report 6/22/12 - On the road...

Hitting the road for Zlurpee Bowl VIII today! Managed to get the all Zombie team up to snuff with no minutes to spare. Pretty happy with the result. I will get better pictures of them later but here is a quick snap of the results on their display board.

Wish them luck!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Progress report 6/16/12 - Zomb on my metal warriors.

Long time no posts! Makes me feel lame but I have been spending time with my other hobby... listening to lots of metal. Also started a radio show on Core of Destruction Radio every Sunday from 5pm to 7pm EST. Tune in you like things LOUD. You can follow that part of my life over on the Grind blog.

I also spent more time preparing for my Zlurpeebowl showing with the all Zombie BB team. Yup. One roster of nothing but zombies. Should be a "fun" couple of days. While building this team I did so with the intention of using them as a Human BB team as well. Then I went and got enough miniatures to make them into an Undead or Necromantic team as well. So three teams in one! Not bad...

The color scheme is bright yellow, neon greens, white, dark greens and browns. Here are some WIP photos of the sculpts and conversions:

The first four zombies, which are Blitzers on the Human team.
The next four zombies, which are Catchers on the Human team.
Last five zombies, which are Lineman with one Thrower in the middle for the Human team.
One big zombie Ogre! Not for the Zlurpee team, just an Ogre for the Human team.
And here they are as of this morning, most of the base coats are done and now I am on details.
So there you have a slew of Zombies. Any tips for playing an all Zombie roster in BB would be much appreciated. My basic game plan is one of attrition, with a foul happening every turn I am able. Then I hope to sneak in a score or maybe two. In the test games I have played the hardest part has been the slow movement of 4 - makes going up against high movement, high agility teams very tricky. I doubt I will win many (or any) games at the tournament next week but I hope to become a better (and more patient) player in the process! More painted updates to come this week, and I will try to get my final roster up as well.