Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dwarfs of Chaos - New Indy GT Army Book Released.

What the!?!

Just downloaded and skimmed through this brand new IGT Army Book release after reading this thread over on WarSeer. From the thread:

IT’S HERE! The Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos Army Book

Below you will find the link to the new Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos Army Book, a complete, 92-page Army Book in the Games Workshop tradition.

The book—professionally written, designed, illustrated, and thoroughly play tested—will be legal for use in participating Independent Grand Tournaments. As of this writing, the Crossroads, Conflict, Colonial, Destruction Derby, NEWCC, and War Camp GTs will allow the book as legal, and we expect the number to grow with the publication of the book.

About the authors
Written by Kevin Coleman. Kevin has been writing background and rules for Warhammer for well over a decade with his work appearing in White Dwarf Magazine, the Games Workshop Website and the Citadel Journal including such articles as Gnoblars Hordes, the Dark Elf City Garrison army list, Goblin Ecology, Mighty Champions and more. Kevin has also worked as a games designer and writer for other games and magazines including Fleer, Inc.’s customizable card game, Ophidian 2350.

Book design by award-winning graphic artist Matt Birdoff. Matt has been a professional designer working in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. His recent works include logos for DC Comics, sports card designs for Topps, Inc., style guide design for Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey, The 39 Clues book and card series from Scholastic, among others.

Additional background material and fiction by Justin Hill and Jarrett Messing. Justin is the author of the Black Library novel Forged in Battle (as Justin Hunter). His internationally acclaimed first novel, The Drink and Dream Teahouse, won the 2003 Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and a 2002 Betty Trask Award, and was banned by the government in China. It was picked by the Washington Post as one of the Top Novels of 2001. His second novel, Passing Under Heaven, won the 2005 Somerset Maugham Award and was shortlisted for the Encore Award.

Note that this book is not endorsed in any way by Games Workshop.
I would recommend following this link and downloading the pdf of the book. You can also view it online in your browser here.

First impressions - holy crap this book looks awesome. Really well done. Great layout, wonderful pictures and illustrations; just a really solid presentation. My next thought upon reading through some of the content is "HUH?! They do what now!?".

As is often the case when first seeing a new army book my gut reaction is to cry OVERPOWERED! I need to see some of these units and magic items on the table ,but it looks a lot like a "lets take this other armies stuff and make it better and cheaper" type book. I hope the "play testing" that was performed was done so by veteran tabletop players, those who can spot the nasty WAAC combos and exploit them to the fullest. I have my doubts.

I'm sure there will be much uproar in the WHFB community over this book, especially at the events this book is already "approved" for. As much as I love fan made units, characters, rules, etc - I have to question the intent here. How does the creation and use of this book in WHFB tournaments further the competitive tournament scene in the US? How does this tie in with official prize support from Games Workshop? What kind of legal issues does the release of this book bring up?

A lot of questions about this book and not a lot of answers. I suppose only time will tell as we see how it all unfolds. In the meantime ... look at the pretty pictures and enjoy a little Chaos Dwarf fun.


Anonymous said...

some answers!

–playtested by a combination of top US GT tourney players through the Warmonger Club, and anybody else who wanted to join, worldwide.

-intent was to just have some fun doing it, while updating an army that GW has basically pulled the plug on. Local GTs have been allowing Kev's other unofficial list, the Gnoblars, to be fielded, so we figured why not?

-any GW prize support should not be effected, but please note that this is NOT endorsed in any way by GW. It is not a legal list that you can just show up with anyplace. Having said that, just ask the local TO, or your opponent if it's a non-tourney game, if they'd allow it.

- is it too powerful? None of us thought so in testing, but time will tell.

Randroid said...

Thanks for the answers.

I may try a proxy with some Dwarfs/Greenskins and see how it plays out.

In general I like the list (and I like alternative lists) but I feel this should be a "permission only" type army to bring when your opponent is expecting it. Not sure I agree with seeing it at a GT (goes with Gnoblars and anything else).

Darth Weasel said...

I agree with your "give them other armies stuff cheaper and better" comment: their Organ Gun rip off for 45 points instead of the 120 it costs for the Dwarf army, for example...their horrendously overpowered Blunderbusses that put anything else out there to shame for a rather cheap 12 points each...the item that is equal to the 12+ casting value spell fopr Chaos that can be countered yet costs 45 points..."overpowered", "broken", however you want to phrase it...that is the CD. But with some points tweaks I could see it being a bit more reasonable and usable